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Introducing Caviar: Real Estate & Cryptocurrency In One Token

Cryptocurrency has repeatedly been criticized for not having a “real” market worth or being far too volatile. In fact, there are increasing fears of a crypto market meltdown or at least sharp market correction after the tremendous gains in 2017 of not only bitcoin but most other cryptocurrencies and tokens.



Creating Buzz For Your Pre-Crowdfunding Campaign

Have you ever wished you could start your own business or had a revolutionary idea for tomorrow’s next million-dollar invention? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that crowdfunding gives you the power to grow an entire empire or bring a mere idea to life almost overnight. Well, not literally


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The 8 Invaluable Pre-Launch Steps to Crowdfunding Success

Is there a one-size-fits-all approach to crowdfunding success? Unfortunately, there isn’t one. Is there a top secret code to crack that’d guarantee you of winning backers support? There’s none either. You’ll have to do the legwork. ” I would drive marketing as hard as you can now “Salvador Briggman The


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Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs Causing a Disruption in Their Industries

There has never been a better time for female entrepreneurs to turn their ideas and passions into profit. With access to an assortment of tools and resources, business owners can give their startup enterprises a professional and thriving look from the very beginning. Home-based businesses that launch from a garage,


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Gaza Media Aid Project – Crowdfunding Campaign

According to Alison, many people think that the Hamas and Palestinians are the same people, forgetting that only a fraction of the people of Palestine belongs to the terrorist organization formed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Officially, Hamas seeks to gain public support to gain international sympathies for their victimization and