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BitClave ICO Success Story – How Did It Happen?

bitclave success story

BitClave, a decentralized search engine that directly connects businesses and consumers through Ethereum-based smart contracts, recently ended its token sale with massive fanfare.

bitclave logoBitClave achieved its hard cap of $25.5 million in just over 30 seconds after the start of the public token sale.

Statistics-wise, BitClave recorded:

  • Over 13,000 transactions made during the token sale
  • Over 64,000 registered users
  • A distribution of 550,842,000 CAT tokens out of a total supply of 2 billion

In today’s article, we’ll look at the factors behind BitClave’s successful token sale.

Breaking down the success

Total transparency

A huge factor of BitClave’s success is the sheer level of transparency present in the company’s processes and presentations.

Right from the get-go, BitClave details its roadmap and development plans with clear milestones to potential investors. This is further backed by clear timelines which are accurately met and delivered by the team.

bitclave best investment

BitClave takes transparency one step further by telling investors how much money needs to be raised in the ICO and more importantly, how the funds are going to be used to achieve BitClave’s goals.

Of course, we have not talked yet about the technical side of things; BitClave has its source code open-source for reviews and the team also makes the audit of BitClave’s smart contracts available to the public.

When a team is as transparent as BitClave’s, it is no surprise that this translates to increased investor confidence which played a massive part in the platform’s successful ICO.

A committed and experienced team

No matter how great the vision or purpose of an ICO is, it is never going to be more important than the people behind the project.

In BitClave’s case, the team’s experience and dedication to BitClave is reflected in how fast the token sale finished – only a team as strong as BitClave’s can pull off such a massive feat.

The BitClave team demonstrated their prowess by consistently delivering on milestones and goals as well as constantly updating the investors through blog posts or social media.

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An attractive project

The BitClave project itself is enticing to investors and users alike. The prospect of earning money while performing searches that directly solves their needs and wants is a strong factor in the BitClave token sale.

It’s not just a matter of money; users are also becoming more cautious about giving their personal and sensitive data away in the modern age.

BitClave presents a solution to user privacy by enabling anonymity in the platform’s BASE activity ledger where sensitive data can be anonymized to protect both customers and retailers.

All in all, the benefits provided by BitClave aligns perfectly with the platform’s target audience, resulting in one of the most successful ICO’s ever.

About BitClave

BitClave is a decentralized search engine that revolutionizes how people interact with search engines and online advertisements.

BitClave uses the blockchain to eliminate intermediaries along the way which allows businesses and customers to connect directly. This saves costs and time for all parties involved in the platform.

Aside from that, BitClave also protects user privacy by allowing users to control their sensitive data and personal information while using BitClave. Users have the ability to decide who gets access to their personal data, and in return, receive monetary incentives for it.

With this system, users only see advertisements that relate to their needs and wants while businesses connect only with customers who want to purchase their goods and services.

Users are also incentivized by BitClave every time they click on an advertisement that interests them which bypasses the need for middlemen or third-parties.

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