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The Bloom ICO Launch & Several Exciting Updates

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Bloom, the decentralized credit scoring platform on the blockchain, is launching its token sale tomorrow, November 30th at approximately 9AM PT (time may vary depending on the Ethereum block times).

An exciting update from the team is that the Bloom platform will be released to the public in December, three months earlier than the team’s initial expectations for the project.

The Bloom team has increased confidence even further in the platform by completing several major milestones such as:

  • UI and Interface for Bloom Invitation & Voting System
  • Began Working With 5 Initial Lending Partners (ETHLend, Lendoit, Fundary, Everex, and Self Lender with more coming soon)
  • Secure Protocol Expansion Outside of Lending
  • Bloom Invitation System & Voting

Bloom symbol logoAll of these milestones were estimated to be completed in 2018 but thanks to the team’s expertise and dedication, they have been completed way ahead of schedule – much to the delight of investors and users.

The initial phase of the Bloom platform will enable users to invite people to the platform by using BLT, the platform’s utility token. This is done to seed the initial netToken holders.

Token holders also have the benefit of voting and having a significant input in determining the early developments of Bloom and its future.

Bloom has also announced a partnership with Gems, a decentralized protocol for microtasks (like MTurk and other microtask platforms).

Gems will be the first platform to partner with Bloom and implement the Bloom protocol in their project.

They will be using Bloom primarily to prevent Sybil attacks and make things more secure and safe for the end user.

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The platform has also enlisted the help of Geoffrey Arone, a respected and well-known individual in the industry, as an advisor to Bloom.

Geoffrey will be a key individual in Bloom’s roadmap thanks to his invaluable experience as a seasoned entrepreneur as well as having over 20 years of product leadership.

Geoffrey is also an expert at data and credit as he was the former Chief Scientist and SVP of Product Innovation for Experian, one of the three biggest credit-reporting agencies.

About Bloom

Bloom is an end-to-end protocol and financial platform for identity attestation, risk assessment and credit scoring which is built entirely on the blockchain.

Bloom’s products and services will be available to anyone—even the unbanked and underbanked across the globe.

Bloom’s flexible ecosystem will allow users to have access to credit services which work globally and are extremely secure and transparent thanks to the blockchain’s inherent features.

Bloom aims to solve several key problems in the credit rating system which are:

  • Eliminating the risk of identity theft
  • Provide an efficient global credit scoring system
  • Bring efficiency and improvements to an outdated credit assessment system

bloom blt token
Bloom will be launching a token sale for the BLT token, the platform’s official utility token.

BLT tokens will be transferred and become tradable after the token sale ends.

Here are the details of the upcoming Bloom token sale:

Token name: BLT

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Token supply: 150,000,000

Token sale duration: 30th November, 2017 – 1st January, 2018

Token sale target: $50,000,000

Blooms’s Website

Bloom’s Whitepaper