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Clean Look, Powerful Drive, and Smart Connection – Coboc Seven Montreal & Kanda, Coboc One Brooklyn introduced at Eurobike 2017

Coboc New Range 2018 Eurobike

Coboc, the Heidelberg-based e-mobility specialists are gearing up for 2018 with a total of four new models, including Coboc’s first with a shifter and belt drive. In terms of connectivity, it’s full speed ahead: Coboc has again reset the bar for its app and expanded its fleet to eight models.

Coboc stands for reliable urban sportiness, stylish elegance, and above all, a new generation of electric bikes. With its remarkably minimalist design, advanced technological innovations, and the company’s own Coboc E-Drive, the Heidelberg company’s avant-garde pedelecs lend a new perspective to the e-bike genre. Setting its sights on the 2018 season, Coboc once again pays stylish and captivating tribute to the urban bike world with a total of four new models and new connectivity.

Coboc Seven Montreal

Coboc SEVEN Montreal

The market spoke and Coboc listened: With its Montreal and Kanda in the SEVEN series, the e-mobility specialist debuts two new models with shifters, expanding its single-speed concept.

Both are equipped with an SRAM 7- speed shifter that gives the speedy cyclist a touch more comfort on urban terrain. Fully equipped with disc brakes, stand, mudguards, and a rear light integrated into the seat tube, the Kanda for women and the Montreal for men are complete, everyday, all-around e-bikes for anyone who is also looking for a certain something extra – in addition to pure biking pleasure.

Coboc Seven Kanda

Coboc Kanda

The 350-watt hour battery hidden discreetly in the down tube is fully charged in just two hours. With power peaks of up to 500 watts, the motor accelerates to a sporty speed in a flash, even over longer stretches, with an average range of 80 km. In terms of design, the new members of the fleet are based on the Vesterbro model for men and Villette for women – as is the barely visible carrier, which adds the finishing touch to the Montreal and Kanda.

All new Coboc One Brooklyn

Coboc ONE Brooklyn

The Coboc ONE series will be joined by two new models in 2018: Brooklyn is the new sportster that’s the first to sport a belt drive. Totally quiet, clean, and maintenance-free, the Gates Center TrackTM comes into its own on this 14 kg jewel in shimmering Jugla brown. The ONE Berlin Edition, limited to 50 units and developed in collaboration with German actor Jürgen Vogel, also wears new colors. Inspired by the actor’s last name, which means “bird” in German, and the lightning-fast qualities of the city’s kestrels, the Heidelberg company has translated the falcon’s arrow-like silhouette into an e-bike frame design.

Both the ONE Brooklyn and the ONE Berlin are systematically reduced to the essentials, and by combining a powerful drive with stability and stiffness they invite agile urban sprinting. Here too, the 350 watt-hour battery hidden in the down tube and the five discreet LEDs on the top tube are indicators of internal power. At first glance the high-performance hub drive looks like a standard geared hub, and thanks to the single speeds’ low weight, they’re also an excellent ride without electric propulsion. The sensor technology is directly and sensitively attuned to pedal force, making the Brooklyn and Berlin veritable racers among pedelecs.

Smart connectivity throughout the Coboc fleet

For the coming season, Coboc has loaded up in terms of connectivity. The Coboc app for iOS and Android, which was created in collaboration with the software developer COMODULE, turns all the Coboc models into fully connected smartbikes. The bike connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, making the phone an on-board computer. In addition to adjusting the standard settings, the Coboc app can also be used to fine-tune the responsiveness of the electric assist and the motor output. This allows cyclists to individually configure the overall ride dynamics to suit their own preferences.

Coboc Bike App

The on-board computer display provides information on vehicle data like speed, distance covered, battery charge level, motor output, and much more. And it not only indicates the battery’s charge level, it also visualizes the current range on the map as a function of the surrounding topography. Under the “Activity feed” menu option, it’s possible to store the trips taken, including altitude profiles and ride data, and if desired, share it with the community. Naturally, the app has a full- featured sat-nav, and on models in the SEVEN series it can be used after dark to control the rear light that’s elegantly integrated into the seat tube. If you’re looking for a minimalist design with superior

“Made in Germany” e-bike technology, you’re on the right urban racetrack with Coboc, and you can look forward to cycling fun and well-designed comfort in their purest form.
Plus: Elegant Coboc bikes bearing the names of the world’s trendy cities will also be stylishly presented by specialized retailers. Once again, the Heidelberg company has outdone itself by providing each dealer with a transparent, illuminated, plexiglas pedestal as well as a partition wall and app tower for a space-saving staging of the Coboc bikes.

Suggested retail prices for the new models:

Coboc SEVEN Montreal 4,599 Euros
Coboc SEVEN Kanda 4,599 Euros
Coboc ONE Brooklyn 3,999 Euros
Coboc ONE Berlin 3,999 Euros