FarmaTrust announces listing on Coinbene, as the FTT token continues to gain momentum in a declining market

farmatrust coinbene listing

While the crypto market continues to decline, the FTT token is experiencing an upward momentum, highlighting the vitality of the coin and the promises of FarmaTrust

FarmaTrust, the leader in pharmaceutical supply chain security, announces the listing of its token on Coinbene, the global crypto assets exchange, featuring an ETH/FTT trading pair. The listing on Coinbene will promote the trade of the FTT token, which continues to rise in price, even in a declining crypto marketing.

Coinbene is one of the largest crypto exchanges, currently in the top 25 of the CoinMarketCap Exchanges List. The exchange is one of China’s most secure trade and conversion platforms, providing customers the ability to trade high-quality digital assets.

The listing on Coinbene, specifically with an ETH/FTT pairing, shows the strong demand for the FTT token among traders. FTT tokens will go into circulation on the Coinbene platform as the environment for services has grown. The listing will ensure that FTT tokens are available globally.

FarmaTrust has made great strides since its listing, and although the token has suffered slightly alongside the market in general, it has been recognized for its fast development and customer engagements. It is one of the few blockchain companies that has managed to break into the mainstream, with partnerships with Digital Catapult, IMI; as well as customers including SystechOne, Peterson, and various governmental entities.

Currently, the global crypto market is going down, yet the FTT token is one of the only ones in the sector whose price continues to rise. FarmaTrust is experiencing a strong upward momentum, which you can see in the CoinMarketCap chart below:

farmatrust coinmarketcap

The counterfeit drugs trade is one of the world’s largest fraud markets, with the World Health Organization estimating that counterfeit drug revenue is around $200 billion. FarmaTrust uses the blockchain to accurately track and trace packages of pharmaceuticals throughout the global supply chain, eliminating the risk of these counterfeit drugs. FarmaTrust’s technology provides an end-to-end tracking for product data, including a chain of identity, tamper alerts, chain of custody, and real-time location reports.

“We had said that we would list on Coinbene when the conditions were right for FarmaTrust,” says Raja Sharif, CEO of FarmaTrust. “Now that our platform is working, and we are bringing on new partners and clients we will be listing on Coinbene, to allow greater exposure to those interested in FarmaTrust’s future.”

About FarmaTrust

FarmaTrust LogoFarmaTrust is a cost-effective global pharmaceutical tracking system, ensuring that counterfeit drugs do not enter the supply chain and providing data and security to pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators, and the public. FarmaTrust’s blockchain-based system utilizes Artificial Intelligence and big data analysis to deliver value-added services, efficiency, and a transparent supply chain. The FarmaTrust system is safe, secure, encrypted, immutable and future proof. FarmaTrust is based in London.