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Gimmer – Automated Trading Platform to Revolutionize Crypto Investing

gimmer ico automated crypto trading

The cryptocurrency market today is a far cry from where it first started.

Often described as “volatile”, today’s cryptocurrency market is growing extremely fast in comparison to other markets in the world which presents a potential gold mine for traders to earn significant amounts of profits in a relatively short amount of time.
For context, there are over 1,300 cryptocurrencies in existence today; with a market cap of more than $500 billion and growing, profitable opportunities available to traders and investors.

As mentioned earlier, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market enables quick and substantial profits but the reverse is true as well—traders can easily lose all of their capital in mere seconds.

Cryptocurrency day trading processes move at breakneck speed and trading based on human resources alone is not viable. This means that tools and advanced algorithms or software are needed in a 24/7 market where multiple exchanges with different pricing exist across the globe.

A problem, however, lies in the scams and shady practices of many trading software offerings today. Some focus on “guaranteed” results that are not guaranteed in any way at all; only a few of them work efficiently while others remain in the messy pool of unfinished and unusable applications. Most require some level of coding experience to be able to build trading bots to cope with the huge complexities of the market.

Hence, there is a dire need in the market for a trading platform or application that works well in addressing all of the needs and wants of cryptocurrency traders, whether they are experts or novices.

Introducing Gimmer

gimmer logoGimmer is a decentralized platform that aims to provide traders with extremely efficient, reliable, and flexible tools to make cryptocurrency trading as profitable and simpler than ever.
It does this by providing algorithmic trading bots built to make efficient trades for all investors without restrictions.

There is no need for programming knowledge or previous trading experience with Gimmer as all the complex processes sit in the background. Instead, investors use intuitive trading bots that are highly customizable depending on the investor’s trading goals and risk appetite.

At the same time, users do not need to understand cryptocurrencies like a pro which means that even first-time cryptocurrency traders can enjoy the benefits of Gimmer.
The platform smartly adapts to the level of experience for each investor or trader, which makes it ideal for experts as well as novice traders.

By removing barriers to entry of cryptocurrency trading such as complicated processes and confusing terms, expert knowledge and coding, often cited as the biggest challenges by individuals new cryptocurrencies, Gimmer is democratizing crypto-trading.
With Gimmer, users grow their portfolio without the need to focus on their screen the whole day looking at charts as the platform works on a 24/7 basis.
Gimmer will also integrate social tools in the platform to help traders and investors learn from other trading strategies and users in the community.

How does Gimmer work?

Gimmer is essentially a decentralized cryptocurrency trading application that automatically creates trading strategies for investors through a user-intuitive point and click interface.
Like other trading platforms, multiple currencies are available in Gimmer, meaning that traders can program their bots to work on trading pairs like BTC-ETH or other unique combinations.

The way Gimmer works is simple:

Users have access to the dashboard, the main panel that displays important details such as the overall account balance as well as active trading bots. Users also see a chart that shows the performances of currency pairs.
Besides that, users are also given recommendations of several profitable strategies by Gimmer based on the user’s risk profile, all of which will be personalized according to their needs and goals.

gimmer ico desktop trading bot

Users receive updates on upcoming actions as Gimmer bots indicate their actions via the trading band. For instance, users can see if the bot is about to open a position or close a trade, leaving no room for doubts or confusion.
Of course, if a user if not interested in the recommended strategies, he or she can easily create a new trading bot through the dashboard. Custom strategies can be made from scratch or customized from profitable bot templates.
For instance, users can choose from a large list of indicators and safeties to create highly effective and personalized trading strategies for their needs.

Features of the Gimmer platform

gimmer ico trading appUsers can rent trading strategies from an integrated bot store. Here, users can browse through a diverse collection of trading strategies and sort them based on their results and efficiency.
Both Gimmer-created and user-created trading strategies are available in the store to be reviewed and rented.

Users can choose to share their strategies for free or set their own price and rent it to interested investors.

To make the process transparent and safe for other investors, users who publish strategies on the store will have their trading profiles made public to other users; bot strategies are then constantly reviewed and rated based on their performance.
The Gimmer team understands the importance of integrity and safety especially in risky situations like trading which is why all strategies must be approved first by the Gimmer team before they’re available on the bot store.

To make it even safer for traders, all users can backtest any strategy with historical data to test and validate how it would have performed before making a final decision—like a test-drive before buying a new car.
gimmer ico bot pricing

The Gimmer token sale

The Gimmer ecosystem is powered by Gimmer Tokens (GMR), the platform’s official utility token. GMR tokens are responsible for the purchase, rental, or customization of trading strategies or bots as well as working as a medium for exchange and rewards in Gimmer.

Users can also earn GMR by creating valuable content in the platforms’ integrated social network.

Here are the details of the upcoming GMR token sale:

Token name: GMR
Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20)
Token supply: 100,000,000
Token sale duration: 1st February, 2018 – 28th February, 2018
Token sale target: 35,000 ETH (hard cap); 4,800 ETH (soft cap)
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2,500 GMR (with a tiered bonus system)
Gimmer’s Website
Gimmer’s Whitepaper