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HybridBlock – An Integrated Ecosystem For Bringing Mass Adoption To Cryptocurrencies & The Blockchain

hybridblock crypto ecosystem

The booming value of cryptocurrencies in the past few years has seen public interest in crypto as well as the blockchain spike to an all-time high—and it’s easy to see why.

Investment opportunities as potentially rewarding as cryptocurrencies have never been so easily accessible to the public before.

Previously, high-value investment opportunities were only restricted to high net-worth individuals but with crypto, a single investment has the potential to change an investor’s life as in the case of Bitcoin which grew to five figures in value despite being worth less than a dollar less than 10 years ago.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technologies is also extremely appealing to end consumers and companies who are tired of being treated unfairly by institutions and corporations. This is especially significant after recent high-profile cases such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal which left a dent on already dubious reputations of corporations.

All of these factors culminate into extremely high levels of interest in cryptocurrencies but there are several problems with the current system; high barriers to entry for beginners, no uniform standards and processes among exchanges, as well as shady practices even among “trusted” ICOs—all obstacles that hinder the growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in general.

Because of this, there needs to be an extensive solution to address these problems and one of the best solutions so far comes from HybridBlock, a revolutionary company with its unique multi-faceted approach to overcoming the industry’s shortcomings.

Introducing HybridBlock

HybridBlock is a company that introduces an ecosystem that makes accessing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies easier than it was ever before. The company plans to bring in 100 million new people to the blockchain in the next 3 years—definitely a show of confidence from the company in its tools and features to its users.

Instead of focusing on a single aspect, HybridBlock takes a diverse approach by introducing two different systems: an education-based system and top-class trading platforms for users to trade cryptocurrencies easily, safely, and efficiently.

hybridblock app

The team believes that educating the public on blockchain technologies is the key in increasing mass adoption of cryptocurrencies across the globe and they plan to do this by developing a community hub where individuals can learn about the blockchain regardless of their skill level.

With this feature, not only would beginners have access to a massive hub of valuable information on the blockchain, they would also be able to learn and understand the topic more efficiently instead of looking and browsing through multiple websites just to get the hang of one topic.

HybridBlock also plans to overcome the problems in digital exchanges by building a new, user-intuitive trading platform that links to exchanges globally and is accessible to traders all over the world with a huge emphasis on making the consumer experience as excellent as possible.

This plan is ingeniously achieved by integrating order books from multiple partner exchanges and by doing so, the platform offers the best in terms of asset prices as well as liquidity levels. Of course, aside from these two features, there are also other tools available in the platform that will only step up the usage and trading of cryptocurrencies to the next level.

hybrid team

HybridBlock is the brainchild of fellow co-founders, Apolo Ohno and Rod Jao. Along with company CEO, Jonathan Bates, they will lead the HybridBlock team to establish itself as the leaders in increasing adoption of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies among the public.

How does HybridBlock work?

As mentioned earlier, HybridBlock will be offering a suite of tools instead of only one solution which consists of HybridBlock’s:

  • BaseTrade
  • HybridExchange
  • HybridTerminal
  • Hybrid Data Feed
  • Hybrid Central

BaseTrade is touted by the company as one of the easiest—if not the easiest—ways to purchase cryptocurrencies. Instead of going through long and complex signup processes, users only need to verify their identity on BaseTrade and then they’ll be able to buy popular cryptocurrencies almost immediately.

To make the experience even more user-friendly, HybridBlock will enlist an experienced support team to help users 24/7 with their inquiries or problems as a way to help new customers.

A unique advantage of BaseTrade is the integration of a shopping cart-like feature that allows users to buy multiple cryptocurrencies in one single instance, a process similar to buying things on a modern e-commerce store.

The company’s HybridExchange is a web-based exchange where users can participate in trades from HybridBlock’s designated markets in an easy-to-use interface.

The order books in HybridExchange will be based off several cryptocurrency markets and as mentioned in the opening section, the exchange will intertwine with partner exchanges to offer users the best pricing possible on cryptocurrency assets.


Aside from the standard order types available in other exchanges, the HybridExchange will offer several advanced analytical tools to provide relevant data for traders to make informed decisions.

The HybridTerminal (which will be released a later date pending an announcement by the team) is a trading terminal that is specifically developed and optimized for cryptocurrency trading—the first of its kind in the world.

HybridTerminal also offers optimal pricing and useful analytical tools to investors but what sets it apart from its competitors is its security features. Armed with a full suite of high-end security measures, HybridTerminal will ensure that user funds are protected as much as possible without sacrificing performance at all while executing trades.

Topping off the list of excellent features is the platform’s HybridCentral mobile app, a hub for all things cryptocurrency-related in terms of educational and social-based content.

The core function of the app is to help educate new cryptocurrencies by using a module-based learning program that touches on all things blockchain and crypto.

Through these modules, new users will easily become knowledgeable individuals thanks to the modules’ step-by-step approach—a model that is also contributed heavily by the community of the HybridCentral app.

Another feature is the HybridAcademy platform which is also a hub for cryptocurrency-based educational content but instead of regular instructors, they are presented by celebrities and renowned personalities in the industry instead (e.g cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, keynote speakers etc.).

To help students with their progress, HybridAcademy will integrate a gamified learning system which will reward students for their achievements and their progress hence adding another layer of bonuses on top of learning from the best in the industry.

hybridblock blockchain solutions

More details of the features available on the platform can be read further in the HybridBlock whitepaper.

The HybridBlock token sale

HybridBlock will be holding a token sale for the Hybrid token which will be used to power transactions in the platform.

Here are the details of the token sale:

Token name: HYB

Token base: Ethereum

Token supply: 530,000,000

Token sale duration: 23rd May, 2018 – 6th June, 2018

Token sale target: $50,000,000

Token exchange rate: 1 HYB = $0.30

HybridBlock’s Website

HybridBlock’s Whitepaper