KT’s Smart Energy Technology is Recognized as the Best in the World

Korea Telecom Mobile Award

KT’s smart energy solution, the pivotal point of the future convergence business, is recognized as the best technology at the 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC).

On the 2nd, KT (CEO Chang-Gyu Hwang, announced that its smart energy control platform “KT-MEG (Micro Energy Grid)” received “Best Use of Mobile for Smart Cities” at the 2017 MWC Global Mobile Awards” held in Barcelona, Spain, surpassing other leading businesses.


The Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO)

The Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO), turning 22 this year and also called the Oscars of ICT, is the most prestigious award in the mobile communication industry held by GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications Association). The panel of judges, consisting of mobile communication experts, analysts, and reporters from all over the world, selects and announces the award winners at the MWC. Best Use of Mobile for Smart Cities, a prize category newly established this year, is a prize being awarded to mobile service that contributes to changing and developing smart cities using technology.

At the awards, KT-MEG is recognized as a successful case that overcomes the limits of the preexisting individual line service-centered mobile communication service providers and creates new values based on the convergence of ICT and other industries including the energy industry. KT has been intensively developing the smart energy business as one of its five future convergence services.

In December 2015, KT opened the world’s first open energy management platform “KT-MEG Center” in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do. Applying mobile communication technology to energy data collection, analysis, and customer service, it is contributing to widening the application range of mobile technology to the energy sector.

KT-MEG, an energy control platform for supervising the production, consumption, and transaction of thermal and electrical energy, can be applied to large-scale energy management such as new and renewable energy businesses, as well as small buildings.

In addition, KT-MEG applied with the self-evolving AI engine “e-Brain” provides customized optimal solutions considering the rapidly changing industrial environment and customers’ energy consumption patterns.

The KT-MEG Center is currently supervising approximately 16,000 websites including energy efficiency, resource management, electric car charging service, and new and renewable energy power plants.

KT Future Convergence Business Vice President Yun Gyeong-rim said, “We are honored to win the prize and achieve global recognition for KT-MEG which is the essence of our ICT capabilities. KT will lead and innovate new energy businesses through KT-MEG.”