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Aussie Cryptocurrency Millionaire Investor Jordan Travers Newest Ambassador for Blockchain Fitness App Lympo

Jordan travers lympo ambassador

Blockchain app Lympo has announced Australian cryptocurrency millionaire and fitness guru Jordan Travers as its newest ambassador to promote and reward healthy lifestyles.

Travers, a fitness trainer, and holistic health coach made headlines at the age of 21 after he grew a $2,000 cryptocurrency Ethereum investment to $1 million. He’s also the author of wellness book – Man Alive.

Keen to support the growing ecosystem of technology and uses for cryptocurrencies, the Melbourne-based personal trainer is throwing his wellness expertise behind Lympo’s innovative fitness app.

lympo logoLympo will track workout data via smartphones and wearables, and reward users with Lympo tokens for hitting fitness and mindfulness targets – these can then be used to pay for health products and services.

And in a win-win for users and the community, some of the Lympo tokens will be put towards the Lympo Blockchain for Sports Foundation, a dedicated peak body supporting sports events and initiatives around the world.

Travers says encouraging healthy lifestyles is not just important to him, but a way of life.

“When I was a teenager, I had a terrible moped crash that left me with broken bones and in a coma,” Mr. Travers said.

“The rehabilitation process from that crash absolutely changed my life and propelled me into health and wellness.

Lympo fitness wallet

“My coach experience shows that a lot of people are not motivated to be healthy purely just to be healthy. Tangible rewards like crypto tokens is a huge game changer. This is why I believe in Lympo and look forward to my work with the Lympo Blockchain for Sports Foundation.”

Famous athletes, Lympo partners, sporting leaders from around the world, and Lympo token holders will sit on the Lympo Blockchain for Sports Foundation, giving them the opportunity to vote on funding proposals.

Further board members and the foundation’s governing principles will be announced before the Lympo token sale in the first quarter of 2018.

About the Lympo app

The Lympo app is a fitness wallet that rewards users with Lympo tokens (LYM) for sharing and achieving their health goals. It is part of a Lympo ecosystem for health and fitness data sharing including all industry players: personal trainers, gyms, sports and wellness businesses and health insurances.

By tracking fitness and wellness data on smartphones and wearables, Lympo aims to build healthy lifestyles and grow the Lympo community. Tokens earned can be used to pay for fitness, wellness and other health-enhancing products and services.

When users sign up to the app, they will be able to aggregate and later monetize their health and sports data, allowing them to interact with health insurances, sports, and wellness businesses and employers who want to encourage their staff to remain healthy.

About Lympo Blockchain for Sports Foundation

Lympo logoThe aim of the Lympo Blockchain for Sports Foundation is to support sporting events and initiatives around the world while promoting the Lympo app and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Some of the Lympo tokens will be reserved for the Sports Foundation, which will be overseen by a board made up of famous athletes, Lympo partners, and leaders in sports communities from various countries.

Lympo token holders owning a considerable amount of tokens will be invited to vote on funding proposals.

About Jordan Travers 

Jordan Travers is a trainer, holistic health coach and author of the wellness book Man Alive, received media coverage earlier this year after he became a millionaire cryptocurrency investor.

Travers is not afraid to break away from common fitness models and has consistently done things differently, transforming lives at one of Australia’s most renowned holistic gyms. Travers is regarded as one of Australia’s most influential wellness coaches.