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NEBEUS – The First Crypto Project to set its Sights on an IPO via an ICO

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London-based Nebeus, having completed one round of an ICO late last year, and currently in the middle of an equity-based crowdfunding campaign on the UK’s premier equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube, has set its sights on going public in the UK

Riding a wave of surging revenue and quickly maturing as a FinTech platform with a diverse offering, Nebeus is aiming to do a traditional IPO on London Stock Exchange, a path that seals the reputation of crowdfunding, TGEs, and ICOs as a glorified replacement for seed and A round investments for quality technology startups.

Nebeus – The FinTech Platform

Nebeus LogoNebeus is a London-based FinTech platform utilized for the consumption and creation of financial services and products. It enables instant P2P Bitcoin loans, serves as an exchange platform, features a user-friendly Bitcoin wallet, and issues a crypto-to-fiat debit card. The Nebeus card, launched in April 2018, allows users to manage their cryptocurrencies and facilitates the easy conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. Their prime goal is to bridge the gap between the crypto and fiat finance worlds through the use of blockchain technology, so users can incorporate crypto into their daily spending habits.

“We believe that our business model and the nature of our business – fully transparent, fully secure, fully compliant, — is a perfect match for a classic relationship between investors and companies as it is found in publicly traded companies,” said Konstantin Zaripov, Nebeus CEO and co-founder. “Nebeus welcomes scrutiny of public markets as our business is massively scalable to millions of potential customers”.

In 2014 Nebeus was founded and development work of the platform began, with it launching live at the end of 2017. Since then, Nebeus has already enabled €34 million worth of financial transactions and facilitated £1.9 million in P2P Bitcoin loans. It currently has an established audience of 60,000, of which 30,000 of which 30,000 users hold active digital wallets on the Nebeus platform.

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Thanks to their borderless approach to financial transactions, Nebeus has captured a 50% quarterly year-to-date increase in sales of their financial services. Capitalizing upon this surge in sales, Nebeus has now launched its eagerly anticipated equity crowdfunding campaign, becoming the world’s first post-ICO crypto-project to sell equity via CrowdCube, the U.K.’s premier B2B crowd-funding investment platform.

Nebeus Crowdfunding Campaign

Nebeus has launched the crowdfunding campaign to accomplish two primary goals.

One of Nebeus’ ongoing goals has been to integrate more people into the cryptocurrency world by offering user-friendly digital wallets and their special Nebeus crypto debit cards. As such, selling equity can help them widen their portfolio of crypto-to-fiat services and provide holders of cryptocurrency with additional means of cashing out into fiat currency, be it through debit cards, loans, or even regular bank accounts.

“We want to create an ecosystem where those who add value are rewarded,” said Konstantin Zaripov. “And those who consume services and products can do so in a competitive and secure environment, built on blockchain technology. Our current campaign will bring us a step closer to achieving this”.

However, Nebeus’ most immediate and ambitious goal is to make further headway in the African market through local telecommunications and mobile money, as well as expand their service across Europe, Asia, and South America. Cryptocurrency users in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana have received full access to the startup’s “crypto bank”, and they expect to offer a set of crypto-services to unbanked individuals by enlisting the help of local partners who have an established network in the target communities and regions.

According to research conducted by World Bank, “in Sub-Saharan Africa, mobile money drove financial inclusion”. While the share of adults owning an account with a financial institution is negligible in the region, the share of adults with mobile money accounts has almost doubled since 2014. This study lends credence to Nebeus’ strategy of initially targeting mobile money in African nations.

“In the last few months, we’ve been able to integrate with local payment corridors for over 400m consumers in Africa,” said Konstantin Zaripov. “Following this fundraiser, we are looking to accelerate our plans to expand this to Europe, Asia, and South America, empowering more people and allowing them to be part of the future of finance”.

In a recent study conducted by World Bank, it was found that 1.7 billion adults across the globe remain unbanked and lack access to financial services.

“We are thrilled that CrowdCube investors are sharing our enthusiasm for Nebeus’ future growth as we move from private to public phases of the crowdsale this week,” said Konstantin Zaripov, CEO and co-founder of Nebeus. “With over 38 percent of our funding goal already reached after just two days, we plan on scaling our business a lot faster”.

This crowdfunding campaign is unique because Nebeus is not selling tokens. Rather, it is selling equity in the company. As such, investors have a unique opportunity to profit from owning a piece of a mature FinTech company with a rapidly accelerating growth of sales volume, as is evidenced by Nebeus’ quarterly year-to-date increase in sales.

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The Bottom Line

Even though the equity crowdfunding campaign has only just been launched on the 24th of September, 2018, it has already accomplished 38% of its goal by attracting investments worth £420,000.

Hopeful investors are advised to purchase equity in the company soon because the crowdfunding campaign will end on the 23rd of October, 2018. After that deadline, there will be no further opportunity to buy a piece of Nebeus.

You can view the details of the Nebeus crowdfunding campaign here.