Identity and payments platform Nuggets partners with IoT leader

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Nuggets, the blockchain e-commerce payments and ID platform, today announced a partnership with Internet of Things infrastructure company CPChain in a move that signals the direction of Nuggets’ IoT strategy.

Under this new agreement, the two companies will work together to enable consumer and merchant interaction through identity and payments. Decentralised data and an IoT infrastructure will form the foundations for global expansion of the Nuggets platform.

Nuggets has already launched its app on both iOS and Android. Now, to enable IoT for consumers and merchants, it needs to make sure its different technologies communicate efficiently with each other.

CPChain, with the help of Nuggets, manages consumer and merchant identity, privacy and security. The combination of Nuggets and CPChain will enable a more efficient, secure and private platform.

Nuggets’ CEO and founder Alastair Johnson said: “CPChain is a trusted platform for data sharing and transaction of large-scale distributed IoT systems. We’re delighted to announce this collaborative partnership and are looking forward to working with CPChain to take the Nuggets platform global.”

CPChain is a full-scale decentralized data infrastructure. It integrates blockchain and IoT technologies, enabling IoT devices to interact with different datasets over cross-chain applications. Its platform reduces the cost of system interconnection, as well as improving both user privacy and system security.

Nuggets uses blockchain technology to help consumers regain power over their data by enabling payments and identity without having to share personal information. This makes e-commerce simpler and more secure, and eliminates the laborious task of entering usernames, passwords and payment details.

Combining cryptographically trusted digital identities with IoT means consumers can use simple biometric verifications to pay, login, verify their identities and interact with IoT services as never before.

This announcement comes just a week after Nuggets revealed that former Visa Managing Director Kevin Jenkins is now responsible for establishing Nuggets in Europe and for business development.

The company has made a number of other partnerships in recent months, including agreements with Storiqa, a marketplace for buying and selling goods with cryptocurrencies, and QFPay, the Chinese payment provider that serves 800 million WeChat users and 400 million Alipay users.

In recent months, Nuggets has also received the backing of the UK Department for International Trade, The Mayor of London and The City of London, as well as being selected for the prestigious Access India Programme.

About Nuggets:
Nuggets is an e-commerce payments and ID platform. It stores your personal and payment data securely in the blockchain, so you can make simple e-commerce payments and other transactions, without having to share your personal data with anyone – not even Nuggets.

About CPChain

CPCCyber Physical Chain, CPC is a Chinese blockchain company focused on revolutionizing the internet of things (IoT). CPC aims to revolutionize the internet of things (IoT) ecosystem in China and abroad. Described as “The killer tech that the IoT industry has been waiting for,” CPChain uses blockchain to improve the usefulness of IoT networks.