Picolo Research partners with Bloomberg LP to distribute Cryptocurrency Research to the Masses

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Picolo Research, a cryptocurrency analysis firm that specializes in due diligence of early-stage blockchain companies, has secured a partnership with Bloomberg LP for distribution of its ICO reports worldwide.

As part of the partnership, Picolo Research will be onboarded as one of the first cryptocurrency analysis firms on the Bloomberg Terminal network.

Matthew Dibb, the founder of Picolo Research, says the partnership is a sign of the market maturing.

“I think it’s great to see so much interest and demand for good quality research. We have always believed that one of the big things holding back large institutions from participating in the crypto market is the lack of transparent information and analysis in the market. This new partnership provides further confirmation that the industry as a whole is maturing.”

Under the terms of the relationship, Picolo Research will be one of the first providers to distribute its weekly ICO research across +300,000 Bloomberg Terminals globally.

Dibb advises that the distribution will assist in the exposure of ICOs and blockchain companies to the likes of family offices, asset managers, private equity funds and more.

Picolo Research was founded in 2016 by Matthew Dibb and focuses on the fundamental analysis of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). In July of 2017, Picolo was acquired by emerging crypto-fund Astronaut Capital.

According to data compiled by Picolo Research, there has been over $2.5billion raised through initial coin offerings since January this year. Following the slump of cryptocurrency prices, Dibb says that March through to April is likely to be substantially lower.


“The market got quite heated in December as new entrants were really at an all-time high. While the data indicates some insane growth, we believe that it is also largely impacted by the recent multi-billion dollar Telegram raise. Our forecast for the coming months is that we will likely see monthly figures of $400-$700m being raised depending on the stability of Ether and Bitcoin.”

While the value of most cryptocurrencies has retraced around 60% from the highs of January, the team at Picolo Research believe that large institutional money is on the verge of entering the market with the recent Bloomberg partnership providing confirmation of rising interest.

More information on Picolo Research can be accessed on their website