Schindelhauer presents E-Bike product range 2019


Berlin bike manufacturer Schindelhauer Bikes officially introduced their new E-Bike product range. In an urban environment in the Kreuzberg neighborhood Schindelhauer invited press, friends and partners to their launch event at FvF Friend Space.

Four E-Bikes with two different motors were shown. Three models are fitted with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor, with plenty of loading capacity and an unbeatable range thanks to the 500 Wh battery.

The fourth E-Bike is named Adam and looks like a typical classic Schindelhauer model without a motor. Adam is an urban bike with high-quality components and a purist look. This is made possible thanks to the Spanish manufacturer Mahle eBikeMotion and their innovative rear motor and sleek battery, which is neatly integrated into the down tube.

The new E-Bike models are made for long-distance commuters and urban cyclists, who need a lot of loading possibilities and range, as well as for touring cyclists on hilly terrain. The sleek Adam is the ideal partner for the city with enough range for daily commuters.

The new E-Bikes with Bosch motors

Heinrich is the most versatile of all Schindelhauer models and is the flagship of the new product range. The model comes in midnight blue and a classic look, made to be a robust, fully-equipped E-Bike for different uses and cyclists. With a Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub gearing Heinrich is made for every terrain, and thus ideal not only for the city, but also for longer distances with hills and luggage. The frame-mounted front rack does not interfere with steering and further luggage can fit into the rear mudguard with integrated racks for pannier bags. Attaching a child seat into the seat tube, as well as installing a child carrier onto the dropout is possible.


Schindelhauer Karl

All cables for the hydraulic brake system, gearing, light and motor control route invisibly through headset into the fork and frame. The lighting system is installed into the mudguards – for a clean, tidy look.
There needs to be a bike with a step- trough frame, and Hannah is not only made for women. Installing a child seat onto the seat tube is possible on all Bosch models, but thanks to the low-entry frame, getting on and off the bike is easier on this model. Hannah has the same setup as Heinrich and comes in cream white.

Karl is the first single speed model with a Bosch motor worldwide and made for individualists, who want to decide for themselves, if they want to keep their bike minimalistic or practical. Karl has the same components as Heinrich, but without additional weight such as mudguards or a front rack, which can be bought as an additional option. A lighting system, which is powered via the battery, is included in the standard setup.


Schindelhauer Hannah

No compromise

Why the Bosch system? For product manager Jörg Schindelhauer the choice was clear:

“We are manufacturers of urban bicycles and for us it was a logical step to get people to cycle longer distances from the outskirts into town, for rides out into the countryside – or offer a more comfortable ride for bike commuters. Our Bosch models have an incomparably long range and many possibilities to attach bags and other items. Another important factor: we exclusively use Gates Carbon Drive from day one, our models thus are very low-maintenance, which we wanted to further pursue with our choice of e-motors. The Bosch Active Line Plus motor is very reliable. This third generation of Bosch drive units do not have an internal gearbox, which leads to a very silent drive and almost no resistance while pedalling. Thus, the E-Bike feels like a regular bike with the motor switched off or above the legal e-assist limit of 25 km/h.”

The frame construction was centred around stiffness, in order to achieve rigidity, agility and a direct power transmission. According to product developer Jonathan Pleitner, the stiffness is made possible through a multi-cell downtube, in which the Powertube 500 battery is optimally integrated. “The compact integration of the Bosch motor lies at the heart of the frame construction, of which we are very proud. The motor bridge, which connects the mid-engine drive with the rear and front part of the bike, has been fully developed to fit neatly into the frame. This optimal integration makes a short chain stay possible. This leads to a short wheelbase and a comfortable seating position despite a relatively long top tube, and an overall very agile ride. Our Bosch models are not longer than our allrounder model Gustav without a motor.”


“One more thing”

During the launch event Schindelhauer saved the biggest surprise for last. The fourth E-Bike is named Adam and comes without a Bosch motor. The bike is nearly indistinguishable from any classic Schindelhauer Bike without e-assist. Adam is the sleek bike with a rear motor from MAHLE eBikeMotion. The battery hides inside the down tube. In its geometry the model is sporty but comfortable and is made to be lightweight – 14,8 kg. Adam has everything, which is needed on a city bike, e.g. a lighting system hidden inside the handlebar and seat post from LightSKIN and a hydraulic disc brake from Formula. The cable routing is hidden inside the frame.

The integrated battery has a capacity of 250-watt hours and can last, in the highest level of assistance, up to 50 km. Cyclists who ride mostly over a flat city-terrain can extend the range up to 100 km. The battery is fully recharged within two to three hours.

Components, pricing and weight

1+2. Heinrich & Hannah

• 8-speed Shimano Alfine hub gear
• Bosch Active Line Plus Motor, 250 W power, e-assist up to 25 km/h
• Bosch Powertube 500 battery with 500 Wh energy content
• Wingee – W52-Custom mudguards with integrated rack for pannier bags
• Schindelhauer – frame mounted front rack with VarioStraps
• Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt and aluminium CDX sprocket
• Formula – CURA disc brakes (hydraulic)
• Supernova lighting system
• weight: 23.7 kg (size M)
• price: 4,395 € incl. 19 % VAT
• Heinrich ready to be shipped March 2019, Hannah follows May 2019
• pre-order for Heinrich open now
• pre-Order for Hannah possible around end of November 2018

3. Karl

• single speed ratio: 2,75
• Bosch Active Line Plus Motor, 250 W power, e-assist up to 25 km/h
• Bosch Powertube 500 battery with 500 Wh energy content
• Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt and aluminium CDX sprocket
• Formula – CURA disc brakes (hydraulic)
• optional: Wingee mudguards and frame-mounted front rack as seen on Heinrich & Hannah
• Supernova front light and LightSKIN LED seat post integrated rear light (road legal in Germany)
• weight: 19.7 kg (size M)
• price: 3,995 € incl. 19 % VAT
• ready for shipment March 2019
• pre-order open now

4. Adam

• MAHLE ebikemotion read motor with 250 W power, 250-Wh-battery, e-assist up to 25 km/h
• LightSKIN – seat post and handlebar with integrated lighting system
• weight: 13.4 kg
• price: 3,795 € incl. 19 % VAT
• ready for shipment summer 2019 pre-order starts early 2019


Schindelhauer Adam

. About Schindelhauer Bikes

Schindelhauer Bikes was founded in 2009 by Martin Schellhase, Jörg Schindelhauer, Manuel Holstein and Stephan Zehren. Initially founded at the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg, Schindelhauer later moved to Berlin at the end of 2012. From the very beginning, Schindelhauer developed bikes with a belt driven system — widely unheard of in the bicycle industry at the time. Schindelhauer manufactures robust, high-quality, low-maintenance bikes in a distinctive, functional and clean design.

. About Bosch eBike Systems

A new generation of bikes is taking town and country by storm and is already a part of everyday life. eBikes are a modern means of transport for modern people. The Bosch portfolio ranges from the highly efficient drive unit and high-quality batteries to a smart on-board and cycle computer that can be used intuitively. Perfect coordination of components holds the key to typical Bosch performance in terms of both comfort and efficiency.
The Bosch Group’s experience in the areas of electric motors, sensor technology, displays and lithium-ion batteries ensures that Bosch eBike systems use technology that is invented for life and that eBike users have their fun.

. About MAHLE ebikemotion

ebikemotion proposes you rediscover cycling. A powerful solution that allows you to enjoy all the sensations that a bicycle brings without losing its essence or the purest cycling. In this way the bike does not lose its own identity, its sleek style and design. A lightweight package that simplifies the use and maneuverability, together with an infinite personalization capacity for manufacturers. Simple and efficient. The essence of the “less is more” concept is carried out in an elegant way, experienceable into the smallest detail.