ShipChain Joins Prestigious Business-Focussed Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

shipchain enterprise ethereum alliance

ShipChain joins growing alliance of industry-focussed blockchain start-ups now challenging the status quo with use of the Ethereum blockchain.

Shipchain is an ETH-based, tokenized platform with an eye to disrupting the shipping freight logistics industry.

The start-up has also now been invited to participate in the prestigious Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). The purpose of the group is to connect the most innovative companies who use tokenized ETH as the base for their blockchained platforms, with Fortune 100 companies and other high-level vendors, partners, and experts.

Notable members of the EEA include Microsoft, Intel, CME Group, MasterCard, Cisco, and others.

“ShipChain is very happy to have been invited to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. We see this as a valuable opportunity to work with many of the world’s largest companies to advance and improve supply chains and logistical systems for all stakeholders in the process” said John Monarch, CEO of ShipChain.

An Ethereum-Based Ecosystem Seems Well Underway

Beyond the implications of ShipChain’s membership as a specific startup, this news is significant from another perspective. Ethereum-based ICOs with a disruptive business model, first mover advantage, and existing partners are forming into unique ecosystems of their own.

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In this situation, it means that ShipChain is in the first position to potentially get all if not a large majority of the shipping logistics business required by all the Alliance’s partners. That, in turn, will bake the blockchain itself into a global business infrastructure and architecture.

This is a win, in other words not just for one logistics company, but for the Ethereum family of ICOs who have dominated the fundraising scene for the last 18 months if not Ethereum as a blockchain itself. And as a result of this kind of alliance building is likely to for some time.

About Shipchain

Shipchain was founded with the mission of solving the greatest problems facing the logistics industry today. They plan to launch a fully integrated system that operates across the entire supply chain from the moment it leaves the factory to delivery to the final customer or destination. They have also lined up major industry partners to begin testing and rollout of the system.

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