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Sphre Air: A Dynamic Approach to Identity Management for the Enterprise and Consumers

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SPHRE Announces Air, a Platform for Digital Identity and Individual Microeconomic Engagement

Identity Management company Sphre today announced Air, a secure, lightweight system for digital identity and individual microeconomic engagement based on blockchain infrastructure. Air’s API will allow third-party organizations and enterprises to integrate support for Air into their existing and new systems, while the mobile application secures and maintains each individual’s private key. Users also have the ability to store their key within a digital vault of their choice, such as a bank. The Hyperledger Chaincode (smart contract) forms the basis of the given identity, and contains program logic that will allow an individual to recover their identity if their mobile device is lost.

“We built Air based on the need for a unified and highly secure approach, achieving the goal of bringing control and privacy back to each individual and entity,” said Daren Seymour, CEO of Sphre. “Our company is focused on a single mission: to use blockchain technologies to solve urgent identity management problems for both the enterprise and the consumer.”

Currently, the adoption of digital identity systems is fragmented by numerous organizations and enterprises, delivering a confusing user experience via the necessity of maintaining multiple registrations and passwords. As the world conducts more and more interactions and transactions online, Air aims to reduce friction and improve security as a user-friendly digital identity solution for the consumer and the enterprise. The technology of Air is composed of smart contracts, Application Programming Interface (API), and a mobile application for personal use, all of which combine to present a powerful digital identity management solution of the future.

Air-based digital identities will take on a variety of forms, from the individual to the enterprise, all of which are fully owned and controlled by the creator and do not rely on a centralized entity or third party for validation. Due to its blockchain-based implementation, each user’s assets such as cryptocurrencies are intrinsically supported. At its core, an Air-based digital identity enables the user to digitally verify an action or transaction, facilitating a variety of potential use cases, as outlined in the Air whitepaper.

Sphre plans to launch a token crowdsale on April 3, 2017 to raise $1.5 million to build out the Air consumer product and introduce it to the market. More details on the crowdsale will be announced in the coming weeks.

About Sphre

Sphre is a new kind of information technology organization, driving radical and positive change for individual and the enterprise identity management. The world is undergoing a rapid transformation, and Sphre aims to fully engage and embrace the change by influencing the economics that fuel the future.