Token Report to Provide Membership Access to World’s Largest Database on ICOs

SimpleToken ICO
Jason Goldberg presenting the Simple Token during the World Blockchain Forum

Investors and financial services firms can obtain the most comprehensive research on ICOs through exclusive membership program

Token Report (www.tokenreport.com), the world’s largest database of verified information on ICOs, today announced a membership program that will allow financial research to scale without diluting investor edge. Already available in private alpha, Token Report’s Token Clarity will offer actionable ICO updates and research on a membership model that is capable of providing investor insights for newcomers, high-volume traders, and institutions alike.

“The problem with the Wall Street model for financial research is that the more people see the research, the less valuable it is,” said Galen Moore, founder and CEO of Token Report. “We’ve developed a token mechanics that defends investor edge for cryptocurrency’s high-growth mix of newcomers, early adopters, and institutions.”

In a fast-growing market, investors lack a reliable source of facts that affect the value of new and existing cryptocurrency assets. ICO listing sites are largely pay-to-play and therefore not objective, mainly serving as advertising vehicles. In contrast, Token Report’s business model is based on subscription fees from the individual investors, family offices and cryptocurrency exchanges that are among the users in its private alpha.

“The biggest problem for anybody trying to do this right now is that there are no standards for how information about tokenizations is presented,” said Peter Vessenes, managing director of New Alchemy, a blockchain and ICO advisory firm, and lead investor in Token Report. “I foresee hundreds of thousands of tokens in the future. One of the most valuable things we can have in a fast-growth industry is a safe, transparent source of knowledge.”

Token Report’s unique token mechanism includes a tiered membership model for individuals that limits accessibility without charging exorbitant monthly fees. Institutions pay in Token Report’s cryptocurrency for access to the database via application programming interface (API). This allows Token Report’s dollar-denominated revenue to grow with demand, without diluting the value of its research by over-scaling its user base.