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Universa Blockchain – UTN / UTNP Binance Listing

universa binance vote

After the successful token sale in December and raising $28,8 million, far outdoing its soft cap of USD$10 million, Universa have been very busy developing its Platform and setting up partnerships in Europe and Asia.

Current investors and potential future investors have been patiently reading the latest updates from the charismatic CEO Alexander Borodich, while he is jetting from one continent to the other to speak to governments and businesses, waiting for updates, when the UTN / UTNP tokens will be available on an exchange.

cobinhood universa untp listing

Last week Universa announced, that Cobinhood will be the first exchange to list the UTNP token on the 8th of February and today the news reached us, that UTNP might be soon available on Binance.

Alexander Borodich wrote: “The community asked us to take part in the Token of the Month vote on the Binance exchange. We respect our community, and we are always eager to hear your advice and requests, so we have completed the Binance questionnaire and provided all the information they requested. If all goes well, you will soon be able to vote for Universa on Binance.

We’ll update this article, as soon as we have more information on the Binance vote and if all goes well the Binance listing.