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WakeMode App Launches to Let You Know if Your Internal “Battery” Needs Charging

SleepRate’s sleep experts launch WakeMode, a new app that monitors and alerts fatigue levels during the day by analyzing sleep quality at night

WakeMode, launching today, is a new sleep and fatigue management tool that predicts fatigue levels during the day using advanced data analysis technology. WakeMode provides users with a quantified evaluation of their wakefulness based on the amount and quality of sleep from the night before and other personal parameters. WakeMode was created by SleepRate, a medical tech sleep solution company.

WakeMode is the first app to use a number scale to evaluate a person’s fatigue levels based on their sleep analysis. Similar to the way cell phones display a bar indicating battery life, WakeMode shows you YOUR battery levels, based predominantly on how much rest you got during the night. This feature enables users to pinpoint their “inner battery level” and provides them with actionable tips on how to boost their energy throughout the day.

It also lets them know when it’s time to “recharge” their battery and head to bed (or at least call it a night). WakeMode relies on advanced sleep evaluation technology (developed by SleepRate) to assess sleep quality, structure and diagnose obstacles to a good night’s sleep. WakeMode pairs with almost any Bluetooth-enabled wearable or contactless device, with or without a heart rate sensor, to monitor sleep patterns using motion and heart rate to first analyze the user’s sleep patterns and then create a personalized actionable sleep improvement program that is provided via the app.

WakeMode takes sleep monitoring technology one step further than sleep trackers by utilizing machine learning to supply users with individualized sleep improvement plans that are medically supported. As users convey detailed information about their sleeping habits and activities throughout the day – such as when they napped or how much alcohol they drank at happy hour – WakeMode’s fatigue analysis becomes increasingly accurate.

“With SleepRate, we gave our users the opportunity to learn about and improve their sleep patterns, but we also wanted to give them a way to be more engaged and understand how better sleep could affect their lives,” said SleepRate CEO and Founder, Dr. Anda Baharav. “WakeMode enables users everywhere to actually SEE how their sleep habits affect their day and encourages them to commit to an actual lifestyle change in order to improve their sleep habits and alertness during the day.”

WakeMode’s Main Features Include:

  • Tracking and analyzing sleep habits and patterns with Bluetooth enabled wearables
  • 24/7 energy updates and boost opportunities for fatigue regulation (caffeine intake/naps etc.)
  • Customizable notifications that indicate critical fatigue levels or optimal bedtimes
  • Social sharing with friends and family for enhanced motivation and engagement

About Sleeprate

SleepRate is the sleep solution company behind WakeMode, founded in 2006 by Dr. Anda Baharav. SleepRate combines reliable and accurate sleep tracking, evaluation and individually tailored e-coaching, all into a single user-friendly app. SleepRate’s mission is to help people all around the world improve their lives through better sleep-life balance and aims to help them realize their peak mental and physical potential – all through better sleep. The core technology utilizes behavioral sleep medicine practices developed and implemented at Stanford University’s Behavioral Sleep Division.

Based on these practices, Dr. Baharav’s in-depth knowledge and experience, and the input of countless experts and medical advisers, SleepRate’s unique solution for better sleep-life balance was developed. SleepRate is based in Sunnyvale, California and Petach Tikvah, Israel.