Third Annual World Blockchain Forum Heads to London

World Blockchain Forum 2017 London

Chipin is delighted to announce that we are official media partners for the 2017 World Blockchain Forum, a prestigious annual event held by Keynote Events that focuses on the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and other fintech topics.

Keynote Events is a fast-growing company dedicated to bringing the most influential speakers around the world in one place to talk about all things blockchain and fintech.

Over the years, Keynote has invited John McAfee, Roger Ver, and Vinny Lingham – just a few names out of its prestigious history of speakers.

Major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin were also launched at events held by Keynote in previous years which makes this year’s World Blockchain Forum a must-attend event.

The 2017 World Blockchain Forum will be held on the 25th-26th of September in London’s Oval Space, a mesmerising 5,000 square feet hall located conveniently in the heart of England’s capital city.

Speakers at WBF 2017

The event will be attended by many important figures in the blockchain scene as well as hosting several influential speakers in its agenda.

The list includes (but is not limited to):

  • Ryan Taylor – CEO of DASH
  • Peter Vessenes – Co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation
  • Anthony di Iorio – Co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of Jaxx
  • Albert Isola MP – Gibraltar’s Minister of Commerce
  • Jeremy Gardner – Founder of Augur (REP)

The 2017 World Blockchain Forum also focuses on important blockchain and fintech topics on its extensive agenda, such as:

  • The Government Panel – An exclusive talk by several notable Parliament members of EU countries on the importance of the blockchain technology in future governments and protocols.
  • A presentation by Jason King on the importance and application of learning the blockchain technology for future developers.
  • A presentation by Augur’s Jeremy Gardner on how the blockchain technology can be applied to improve market forecasting to make trading more profitable.
  • The Investment Panel – A once-in-a-lifetime panel by several top individuals in the blockchain scene to educate and inform attendees on the viability and profitability of investing in blockchain technologies.
  • A special presentation by Brendan Blumer on how to actually get your business up and running on the blockchain to take advantage of its benefits.

More importantly, this year’s World Blockchain Forum will also focus on ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), a technology that has taken the financial world by storm in 2017.
Not only does the event cover ICOs as a whole, there will also be a Pitch Your ICO session every day which allows blockchain startups to present their ideas and goals to the audience.
A day before the World Blockchain Forum, Keynote will also host the DASH Conference in the same venue.

DASH Conference

The DASH Conference will cover everything about DASH, a revolutionary digital currency platform that has already been adopted by over 100 merchants worldwide.
The DASH Conference will cover the benefits of digital cash in the modern world, the benefits and advantages of DASH over other cryptocurrencies, as well as an exclusive presentation by Ryan Taylor, the CEO of DASH, on upcoming major integrations of the DASH platform.

As the event unfolds, Chipin will cover the most important updates and news from the event right here on our website.

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To learn more about the World Blockchain Forum, head over here to their official website.