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FINNEY by Sirin Labs – The First Ever Blockchain-Powered & Secure Open Source Consumer Electronics

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Sirin Labs is set to revolutionize the blockchain and mobile industry by introducing the world’s first open source blockchain smartphone, an extremely competitive PC system, as well as a blockchain-powered OS.

What’s the motive behind the creation of these products?

First of all, it’s important to understand the current situation of user security. Most mobile (or electronic) devices today neglect user security in an effort to improve user experience which increases the chances of fraud and cyber attacks.

Hence, FINNEY devices were built to not only provide maximum security but also to provide an enhanced user experience for users.

FINNEY’s first ever cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled mobile phone will be powered by Android while PC users enjoy one of the most secure systems on the market today.

The innovations are delivered by the Swiss-based Sirin Labs, the company famed for the creation of the hyped Solarin smartphone, touted as the world’s most secure phone by industry experts.

Introducing Sirin Labs’ FINNEY devices

finney secure electronics

The blockchain powers Sirin Labs’ FINNEY devices by forming an independent blockchain network that is both scalable and lightweight. Interestingly, the network is powered by IOTA’s Tangle, a different blockchain than the ones we usually see in Ethereum or Bitcoin.

With Tangle as well as Sirin Labs’ in-house security systems, FINNEY frees itself from centralized systems as well as miners that could ruin the network’s democracy. Users can expect secure, cheap, and extremely quick transactions in the network.

What makes a FINNEY device unique is that it runs on its own open-source operating system called Shield OS.

Shield OS will naturally support blockchain applications as well as essential tools and features like a cold storage crypto wallet, fully secured access to exchanges, encrypted communications, as well as a P2P network designed for transactions.

Sirin Labs will further increase the growth of its FINNEY devices by partnering with consumer electronic OEMs to promote the adoption of FINNEY architecture and its related suite of features to the public.

What are the FINNEY products?

The three main products of Sirin Labs right now are the: FINNEY Smartphone, FINNEY PC, and Shield OS.

The FINNEY smartphone

Sirin Labs FINNEY smartphone

The smartphone has an estimated price tag of $999 which is slightly more than the average cost of smartphones today but it’s important to know the features offered on the phone.

It is safe to say that the FINNEY smartphone places a huge amount of focus on a sleek design and more importantly, 100% user security. To achieve this, the smartphone will use blockchain and cryptocurrency trading algorithms to verify the integrity of transactions on the phone.

Other than that, the phone will also include a secure P2P resource sharing via the phone’s Shield OS, as well as host of features mentioned earlier including a built-in hardware cold storage cryptocurrency wallet.

What are the security features that users can expect?

The full cyber security suite offered by Sirin Labs works off a behavioral based intrusion prevention system.

Phone users can expect to have security tools like a physical security switch to protect your wallet, fully encrypted and secured communications (text, e-mails, etc.), as well as a biometric, iris, and finger authentication systems.

The hardware of the phone is also a huge selling point. The FINNEY device comes equipped with:

  • 5.2” QHD display
  • 256GB internal memory
  • 8GB RAM
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 16MP main camera
  • 12MP wide-angle selfie camera


sirin labs finney pc

The FINNEY PC is an all-in-one PC retailing at just under $800. The computer is pretty lightweight but users can purchase more hardware or computational power (GPU, RAM, etc) through the Sirin Labs P2P resource sharing protocol or a cloud-based service.

The FINNEY PC include features such as:

  • A secure P2P resource sharing network via Shield OS
  • A built-in cold storage wallet for your cryptocurrencies
  • The full Sirin Labs cyber security suite
  • A 24-inch 2K display
  • Biometric security sensors
  • 8GB memory
  • 256GB storage
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Shield OS

finney secure smartphone

The Shield OS is the platform that brings all of Sirin Labs’ products together.

The FINNEY PC and FINNEY Phone will use the Sirin Labs Shield OS which is essentially an Android-based operating system with an ultra-secure cryptography core.

What makes the Shield OS unique?

The center of Shield OS has a distributed, scalable, and lightweight ledger which facilitates process like fully secured, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions, fast payments with little to zero transaction fees, as well as an easy resource sharing platform.

Another important aspect of Shield OS is BlockShield, a technology used by Sirin Labs to verify the integrity of transactions. BlockShield includes several protection layers such trusted displays, IP address hiding, and MAC address randomization.

Shield OS works like Android in a sense that you can download apps from a decentralized app store which promises to be open, has a zero-fee structure, as well as being censorship-free.

The Sirin Labs token sale

The official cryptocurrency used in the FINNEY network is SRN. SRN tokens can be used to acquire FINNEY products and services as well as access to other features on the platform.

At the moment, SRN holders can use their tokens to:

  • Purchase Solarin products with discounts of up to 10% on retail prices
  • Purchase apps and services from Sirin Labs
  • Pre-order the FINNEY devices at a discount of up to 20% of retail prices

After the FINNEY blockchain is officially launched, SRN tokens can then be used to:

  • Purchase FINNEY products (FINNEY Smartphone and FINNEY PC) and upgrades
  • Purchase apps and services in the Sirin Labs network
  • Send and receive payments for shared resources (internet, CPU/GPU, charging)
  • Here are the details of the SRN token sale:

    Token name: SRN

    Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20) -> IOTA (Tangle)

    Token supply: TBA

    Token sale duration: 12th December, 2017 – 25th December, 2017

    Token sale target: $25,000,000 (minimum cap) – $100,000,000 (hard cap)

    Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 500-1,000 SRN (depending on the day of the token sale)

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