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The Best Cheap Smartwatches for under $100 USD (Less than a Benjamin)

Truth be told, premium smart watches are still a novel feature. Nothing – and I mean nothing – beats the vogue, sophistication, and style accentuated and exuded by sporting a well-crafted smartwatch, whether in a formal or an informal setting. To make things even better, most smartwatches nowadays are unisex


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The Best Smart Luggage and Carry On Bags in 2018 Will Enhance your Travel Experience

If you travel frequently, chances are you’ve been there. You’re running through the airport because you’re going to be late to your meeting or event, partially because you had trouble getting through security. You get to the luggage claim, ready to grab your bag and run off so that you


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The Best Smart Locks 2018 – Reviews | Features | Security

In the middle of the nineteenth century, archaeologists found the earliest known locking devices at the Palace of Khorsabad in what is now Iraq. The contraption, a wooden pin lock, dates back to around 4000 B.C. The pins inside the locking mechanism prevented the wooden bolt securing the door from


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Best Smart Home Security Cameras 2018 – 8 Innovative Smart Cameras

Ever since man dwelled in caves, his need for safety was greatest. Things have not changed, but nowadays, we have a way wider arsenal of gadgets at our disposal, with one being the shining example: Security Cameras. From our smartphones and wearables to our laptops and consoles, our devices are


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Challenger Banks Reviewed: The Best Fintech Banking Startups

The world of finance is changing. Banks are moving from the local high street and into the back pocket of your jeans. Challenger banks are making it easier than ever to keep track of our finances, to work and play within a budget. If you’ve been seduced by the appeal