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Evedo IEO – The Blockchain Ecosystem for Events Cutting Out the Middleman

There’s big money in tickets. Major start-ups like Viagogo, Ticketmaster and StubHub have emerged to make big bucks by simply selling tickets to live events. With the ever-increasing need for live entertainment including sports events and music-loving festivals, the new generation of millennials will always be seeking out the latest



Meet the Boss – Exclusive Interview with Iconiq Holding CEO Patrick Lowry

Iconiq Holding is the world’s premier digital asset management platform and the team behind Iconiq Lab, the world’s first decentralized VC club for the blockchain community. Alongside its other group, Iconiq Funds, the company gives investors a platform to invest in only the highest-quality opportunities as well as providing them


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MODEX: Marketplace For Smart Contracts And Plug & Play Smart Contract Deployment For Businesses

Despite only being in existence for less than a decade, the blockchain has matured rapidly to where it’s being used in large-scale applications and systems. After the Internet, the blockchain is touted by experts as the next big thing to happen thanks to its unique properties. When we talk about