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SmartHalo launches SmartHalo 2 second-generation all-in-one smart bicycle accessory on Kickstarter

New-and-improved version of the device allows for further customization based on cyclists’ needs Today SmartHalo launched a new and improved second-generation version of its all-in-one smart bicycle accessory. The minimalist device securely mounts to the handlebars of any standard bike, turning it into a smart bike. It is now available


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NEBEUS – The First Crypto Project to set its Sights on an IPO via an ICO

London-based Nebeus, having completed one round of an ICO late last year, and currently in the middle of an equity-based crowdfunding campaign on the UK’s premier equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube, has set its sights on going public in the UK Riding a wave of surging revenue and quickly maturing as


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Elix – Revolutionizing How Loans & Crowdfunding Work With The Blockchain

The increasing adoption of the blockchain in businesses today is a welcome move thanks to the perks and benefits it offers but it has also come at a time where the need for decentralization is reaching its peak. The centralized nature of major industries has been exposed massively by worrying


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Top 10 – The Best Fintech Startups to Watch Out For in 2017

FINTECH is on the rise this 2017. Fintech startups have created financial products that allow customers to enjoy easy payment processes, money transfers, and financial advice via a site or an app. The best part? Since transactions are done online, they can be processed and finished in mere minutes! Gone


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9 Crowdfunded Blockchain Trends Replacing Your Banking Services in 2017

The blockchain – a decentralized digital transactions ledger – sounds boring next to the trendy products grabbing the attention and wallets of the crowdfunding folks. You may be more familiar with its high intrigue sub-theme as the platform for cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin, aiming to disintermediate the global monetary system.