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44 Best “Works With Nest” Products for your Smart Home

works with nest


works with nest logoA Nest learning thermostat can make heating and cooling your home a snap. It can also make your energy usage much more efficient. But Nest is much more than a way to make your house comfortable — it’s the first piece of your own personal home automation puzzle.

Thanks to the Nest Developer Program and Nest API, developers of practically any device can create Nest integration so that your devices can communicate with one another and more processes in the home are automated. In the past year or so, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of products that work with Nest (or, to use the trademarked phrase, “Works With Nest”).

In fact, whether you’re looking to put together the more basic components of a smart home, improve the safety of your dwelling, or just make your life a whole lot easier, chances are that you’ll be able to integrate a device with your Nest learning thermostat to achieve your goal. Here are 44 Works With Nest devices and apps that can help you out.

Work with Nest – Smart Home

1. Heatworks Model 1

Tankless water heaters are generally more efficient and more functional than the old tank models, and the Heatworks Model 1 is not only efficient and functional — it’s smart. And while using less water and saving money on energy bills is certainly nice, and while it’s great that you can adjust your hot water temperature remotely using the corresponding app, what’s especially useful about the Heatworks Model 1 is that it can integrate with your Nest learning thermostat.

heatworks model 1

Heatworks Model 1 Kickstarter Campaign

The connection is simple, but it takes care of a small money-saving adjustment that many homeowners forget to make. Whenever the synced Nest is set to Away Mode, the Heatworks Model 1 will go into Vacation Mode and lower its temperature. When Nest brings the temperature of your home back up, your water heater will also go back up. Just this small act of reducing the temperature of your water heater can save you a lot on your energy bill — according to the Heatworks website, up to 40% of your water heating energy.

2. Withings Aura

If you’re interested in sleep tracking but don’t like the feel of a device on your wrist while you sleep, the Withings Aura is a great solution. The sensor is a pad that slips under your sheets, and there’s a bedside unit, leaving you free to toss, turn, and (hopefully) get some shut eye.

Withings Aura
Withings Works With Nest to raise and lower the temperature in your home based on exactly when you fall asleep, not when you think you might fall asleep. Once the Aura senses that you’re out for the night, it syncs with your thermostat to lower the temperature. And, once you start waking up in the morning, it will bring the temperature back up.


The Mother may have a slightly disturbing name, but quite like your own mother, it’s a monitoring powerhouse with, it would seem, eyes in the back of its tiny digital head. You can sync many sensors with a Mother to monitor everything from room temperature to your shopping list to what time your kids get home from school.

sense mother

Sense Mother Works with Nest

The Works With Nest potential for a device like this is enormous, but for now, there’s just one to note. Put a motion sensor on your mattress: it will monitor what time you fall asleep and wake up, and then it will alert your Nest thermostat to raise and lower your home’s temperature accordingly.

4. WeatherBug Home

The amount of energy you use in order to keep your home comfortable is directly related to the weather. In keeping with this maxim, the free WeatherBug Home app will show you how much energy you’re using and how much you’ll spend or save if you adjust your home’s temperature, based on the forecast for your area.

As for integration with Nest, you can sync WeatherBug to your thermostat so that it can read the temperature and give you accurate numbers. It’s a simple connection, but if you bought your Nest in order to reduce your energy usage and save a bit of money, this free app can help you out even more.

5. LIFX Bulbs

LIFX is a hubless smart lighting system that can transform how you illuminate your home. They don’t just turn on and off — they dim, change color, they can work on a timer, and can be programmed to be a part of all sorts of lighting scenes that you define with the LIFX app.

With Nest, LIFX bulbs can make your smart home a safer home too. If your thermostat is set to Away, the lights can be set to turn on and off from time to time to make it look like the home is occupied. Plus, with Nest Protect, LIFX bulbs will flash red if there’s smoke or carbon monoxide present, which can alert individuals with hearing impairments as well as nearby neighbors that something’s wrong.

6. Philips Hue Smart LED Light Bulbs

The Hue Smart LED light bulbs from Philips integrate with all three Nest products in distinct ways to improve the safety of your home. The lights will change according to your preferences when your Nest thermostat is set to Away, either by switching off and saving energy or switching on so your home doesn’t look empty. Should your Nest Protect detect smoke, the Hue bulbs will flash red to let you know there’s a problem.

Finally, Hue bulbs can integrate with the Nest Cam to ward off would-be intruders. The bulbs can all switch on when either motion or sound is detected, giving the impression that someone’s home. And of course, all of these functions can be adjusted, amended, or overridden using the corresponding app.

7. Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting

Automation and convenience are the two big draws of the Lutron Caseta wireless smart lighting system. The series of smart dimmers and switches synced with the bridge, remote, and app allow you to control lights from anywhere. What’s more, you can use any bulbs: fluorescent, LED, whatever. You can even adjust your window shades with the system, giving you control over the giant light in the sky (or how it affects the illumination in your home, at any rate).

The Lutron-Nest connection works in a few ways. First, if your Nest protect detects smoke, lights will turn on and connected window coverings will open. Also, the Nest thermostat temperature can be controlled through the Lutron app, and the app can set the mode to Home or Away.

8. Whirlpool Washers & Dryers

While washers and dryers may not seem like they have a place on a list like this, the washers and dryers from Whirlpool are different. Sure, they work to get your clothes clean, and they do so efficiently, but in a Home with Nest, they can do their job in the most energy efficient way possible.

Whirlpool washers and dryers do this in a few ways. When synced with the Nest thermostat, the washer won’t run an energy-heavy cycle when your furnace or boiler is running. And, if your thermostat is set to Away mode, the dryer will run on a more efficient cycle to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled. It’s a small convenience, to be sure, but it makes a lot of sense, and the savings will show up on your energy bills.

9. LG Appliances

In keeping with the Nest thermostat’s goal of making your home more energy efficient and saving you money, LG appliances can tap into the Nest’s Home and Away modes. When you’re away and your Nest is in Away mode, all of your connected LG appliances, like your washer/dryer, oven, or refrigerator, can go into energy saving mode too. It’s a small detail, but it’s one that can really add up.

In addition, the LG-Works With Nest connection can keep you safe. For example, if your Nest is set to Away but your LG oven is on, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone so you don’t burn your dinner or worse.

10. Haiku Home Big Ass Fans

Unprofessional names aside (yes, the company really is called Big Ass Fans), these fans are stunningly efficient at moving air around to make a home feel more comfortable. They’re made of lightweight yet durable materials, they feature brilliant industrial design, and they’re engineered to make the most of your home’s heating and cooling.

Syncing a Big Ass Fan (stop laughing) with your Nest thermostat can not only save you money but make your home a more inviting place to be. When the heat is running, the fan will push down the warm air. In the summer, it can help move the cool air around to reduce that indoor stuffy feeling. The company’s home line of fans is now a part of Haiku Home, while the moniker Big Ass Fans is still used for the industrial products.

11. Zuli Smart Plugs

The great thing about Zuli smart plugs is that they switch on and off based on where you are in your home (which is, in turn, based on the smartphone you hopefully carry everywhere with you). It’s all transmitted through BlueTooth, and you can set preferences for anything that’s plugged into a Zuli. For example, if you want a lamp to switch on every time you enter the bedroom, you just set the preference once, and it will automatically turn on every time.

When you sync Zuli with Nest, that same presence that turns things on and off can also let your thermostat know that you’re home and that the heat should be turned up. You can also set preferences for zones so that, for example, if you’re in the kitchen, the heat is on in that room but not on in the bedrooms.

12. iHome Smart Plugs

Sticking a lowercase “i” in front of a product name may be a worn out trick, but despite its moniker, iHome smart plugs are one of the easiest ways to get started with home automation. Essentially a bridge between your home’s electrical wiring and smartphone control, these plugs allow you to program, control, and automate any device that you plug into them.

The iHome’s Works With Nest functionality allows you to create settings based on the Home and Away modes on your thermostat. You might, for example, have the air conditioner switch off and only have one lamp on when your Nest is set to Away. Set to Home, that same AC unit might be on, and you’d probably turn on a few more lights plus some music. It’s all customizable, and the Nest integration makes it even more convenient.

13. Insteon

Insteon is the smart home system that you configure to suit your needs. There are LED bulbs, wireless sensors, wall switches, plugs, and more, all of which are easy to install and set up via the corresponding app. Add to it as you see fit, buy only the components you need, and set a course for total home automation.

Works With Nest is a part of Insteon’s smart home family, just to make things that much easier. It syncs with the Nest thermostat so you can read and adjust the temperature right from the Insteon app. Additionally, Insteon can set your thermostat to Home or Away based on your other configurations.

14. Rheem EcoNet Smart Home System

In and of itself, the Rheem EcoNet smart home system can take care of your home’s heating and cooling needs plus manage your hot water needs. However, when integrated with a Nest learning thermostat, the control of your energy efficiency is just a little bit easier.

When your Nest is set to Away, the Rheem EcoNet will respond by switching to a more energy-efficient setting, reducing energy usage and your bill. It’s a small but useful sync that could save you a lot in the long run.

15. Keen Home Smart Vent

You wouldn’t think that something as unassuming as an HVAC vent could have much of an impact on your home’s temperature or energy usage, but as it turns out, the impact is substantial. Enter Keen Home smart vents, which look like ordinary vents but can regulate the temperature of each room and better direct airflow to keep you comfortable.

The Works With Nest integration is what you’d expect with a product like this: it can access the thermostat’s set temperature to achieve it in the most efficient way possible. It can also read Home and Away modes to reduce energy usage when you’re not at home.

16. Mimo Smart Baby Nursery

Listen up, parents of newborns: you’ll want to know about the Mimo. It’s a baby monitor, but it’s one that your baby actually wears. Snap the little turtle-shaped device onto a compatible onesie, and it will track your infant’s respiration and sleep data, plus transmit audio. With the threat of SIDS being the stuff of every new parents’ nightmares, Mimo affords true peace of mind.

It also Works With Nest! Based on the data it collects, Mimo can tell if your baby is too hot or too cold, and then adjust the thermostat accordingly. Plus, when it’s synced with the Nest Cam, it can show you a video of what’s happening in the crib if any movement is detected. With Mimo in your baby’s nursery, you’ll all sleep a little bit better.

17. Petnet

It’s no secret that pet owners can be a bit, shall we say, obsessive about their cat or pup’s diet. It’s only the best for Fluffy or Fido — feeding our pets well is one way we show them that we love them. However, for pet owners who spend most of the day away from home (and away from their pets), a product like Petnet is incredibly useful. It’s a smart food dispenser that allows you to set a feeding schedule, release food at the touch of a touchscreen, and even order more food when you’re running low.

Of course, being away from home means that you can’t watch your fuzzy friend eating its meal, but that’s where the Works With Nest integration comes in handy. Petnet works with the Nest Cam to let you see your pet enjoying its meal and even speak words of encouragement during the feeding. If you don’t have a dog or a cat, this might not seem like a big deal, but pet owners will understand the value of a Nest-Petnet sync.

Work with Nest – Safety

18. SimpliSafe

A smart home security system that will make you feel safer in your own home, SimpliSafe is contract-free, totally wireless thanks to wifi and cellular network compatibility, and remarkably easy to use. You’ll receive notifications if things are amiss, and SimpliSafe can even contact the proper authorities in the event of an emergency. Starting at just $200, total peace of mind is yours — and there are no ongoing costs.

As for its Works With Nest compatibility, SimpliSafe helps your learning thermostat know when you’re at home or away from home so that you can use energy more efficiently. It’s a handy feature of this affordable yet robust home security system.

19. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

The coolest feature of the Kwikset Kevo is that it turns your finger into a key. As long as your lock is set up and your phone is in your pocket or bag, just a touch of the lock will open up your door. Plus, since it’s a smart lock, you can grant access to anyone with a smartphone, plus get notifications on comings and goings.

Your own home or away status can sync with the Nest learning thermostat to keep your home comfortable when you’re there. You can set up Nest to automatically raise and lower your heat as you come and go, or you can configure the temperature control to work by notification and permission. Even better, Nest and Kevo can detect the presence of each individual user and remember personal temperature preferences for each one.

20. SkyBell Smart Doorbell

When your doorbell rings, it’s a good idea to see who’s waiting out there before opening up your home to just anyone. Sure, those little peep holes help, but wouldn’t a camera be better? That’s what SkyBell does. It’s a wifi-enabled doorbell with a built-in camera to see who’s ringing you up.

SkyBell also Works With Nest — or Nest Cam, specifically. If your Nest Cam detects any motion while it’s in Away mode, it can turn on SkyBell to show you what’s going on in front of your house. And, if a visitor rings your SkyBell, the Nest Cam can start streaming video to show you what’s happening inside your house. It’s a great extra security feature for safety-conscious users.

21. Scout Alarm

The big appeal of the Scout Alarm is that it’s totally customizable. You build the system that suits your needs, without running out of components or having any left over. Start with a hub, then add on the precise number of access sensors, motion sensors, and door panels you need to create the perfect security system for you. It’s easy to install, easy to expand, and easy to use.

Scout syncs with Nest in two helpful ways. First, it can set your thermostat’s mode to Home or Away based on if you’re home or not. Then, Scout can connect with your Nest Protect to sound its alarm and send all manner of notifications if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

22. MyFox Home Alarm

Not only is MyFox an easy to use smart security system, but it’s got an 110-decibel alarm that will scare the wits out of any intruder. In fact, thanks to MyFox’s ability to pick up on unusual movement and vibrations, it can sound the alarm (and let you know what’s happening) before the unwelcome guest can even set foot in your house.

When synced with Nest, MyFox can set modes to Home or Away, and all of your Nest temperature data will appear in the MyFox app. Additionally, MyFox connects with Nest Protect to sound its loud alarm if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

23. Yale Linus Lock

The Yale Linus Lock is a smart lock that can be opened with your phone or with a custom passcode, and it offers all of the conveniences of an app-controlled lock: knowing if your home is locked, allowing remote access, seeing who’s coming and going, and more.

The Works With Nest integration ensures that the Linus lock is always secured when your Nest thermostat is set to Away. Additionally, if a synced Nest Protect detects carbon monoxide, a caution alert will appear on the app, a potentially life-saving measure.

24. August Smart Lock

The lock itself is sleek and inconspicuous looking, but make no mistake: the August Smart Lock is a security workhorse. You can buzz people in remotely, set access for people coming and going, limit access based on time, and get alerts when the lock is activated. Even if your visitors don’t have a smartphone, you can lock and unlock your door remotely to let them in.

With Nest, you can sync the August Smart Lock with the thermostat’s Home and Away modes to keep your home’s temperature regulated. Plus, if you’ve got a Nest Cam, you’ll be able to see a video of who’s coming and going, all in the August app.

25. ADT Pulse

An ADT security system can make your home a safer place, but an ADT Pulse smart security system is both safe and convenient. Plus, with the home security market flooded with new companies, it’s refreshing to see innovation from a longstanding manufacturer. The app control of the ADT Pulse system means you can watch security video, control lights, and arm and disarm the whole system, no matter where you are.

The Works With Nest integration takes the convenient one step further by putting the thermostat’s temperature controls right in the ADT app. The Home and Away modes can be changed in the app as well.

Work with Nest – Outdoors

26. Rachio Iro

This smart wifi sprinkler system Works with Nest to ensure the safety of not only your home, but of your neighbours’ homes as well. It syncs with the Nest Protect to keep a fire from spreading and jumping to nearby structures.
Here’s how this collaboration works: if your Protect senses smoke, and the alarm isn’t silenced, your Rachio sprinklers are instructed to turn on and wet down the area outside your home. This will hopefully keep the fire somewhat contained.

27. Hayward OmniLogic

If your backyard is where you escape to when you have some down time, then you may find the Hayward OmniLogic quite useful. A complete backyard automation system, the OmniLogic can control all of the different parts of your pool (including heaters, motors, lights, and more) plus anything else you have in your yard to make it a true extension of your home. Themes and programs can be configured and run from the base controller, the app, or any computer.

The OmniLogic Works With Nest to have pre-set themes running during Home and Away modes. You can also see and adjust your home’s temperature, and if you’ve got a Nest Protect, you’ll be able to see its status and set a theme based on its mode.

28. Skydrop Smart Sprinkler

If you want a lush green lawn, you need to water it. However, unless you pay close attention to the weather or can accurately assess the moisture content of the soil with just a quick feel of the ground, you’re probably going to give your grass either too much or too little water. What the Skydrop Smart Sprinkler system does is take care of the lawn details for you. It connects to local weather information, so it won’t switch on if rain is in the forecast for later. Similarly, it will water your grass only if the soil’s moisture is low. The result is that you get a great looking lawn, use water wisely, and save on your water bills.

The Skydrop’s Nest integration is rooted in safety. If your Nest Protect detects smoke in your home, your Skydrop sprinklers will automatically turn on, potentially preventing damage to your home or property.

Work with Nest – Car

29. Chamberlain Garage Doors

An ordinary garage door opens and closes with the push of a button, but a smart Chamberlain garage door enabled with MyQ can open from anywhere with a tap of your smartphone. If you’ve ever left the house and suddenly not been able to remember if you’ve closed the garage door, Chamberlain can tell you.

With Nest integration, Chamberlain can set your mode to Home or Away, as well as change the temperature on your thermostat. It also works with Nest Cam to stream video whenever motion is detected near your garage door.

30. Mercedes-Benz

You know you’ve made it in life when you can get behind the wheel of your very own Mercedes-Benz. Luxury cars like these elevate the driving experience, but more than that, they offer some extremely helpful connections and features that you just can’t get with a standard low-cost sedan.

Specifically, Mercedes-Benz Works With Nest to keep the temperature in your home perfect at all times. While some Nest partners boost the heat when you arrive home, your Mercedes-Benz automobile will get the heat cranking when you’re on your way home. That way, you open the door to a warm and comfortable house.

31. Automatic Car Adapter

Want the Nest syncing of a Mercedes-Benz but don’t have the green to afford such a high-end vehicle? No problem: just invest in a much more affordable Automatic Car Adapter.

This is a small device that easily plugs into the diagnostics port in your car. Once set up, it can also let your Nest thermostat know when you’re en route so it will bring the temperature of your home up. It also performs a variety of other functions and automation, even if it can’t make your Honda drive like a Benz.

32. Vinli

Vinli is a small device that plugs into any car’s data port. Once connected, it has a wide range of functions, but how you use it is up to you. It has a number of proprietary apps so you can, say, keep tabs on your new teen driver, or stay up to date on your car’s maintenance needs, or even turn your car into a roving wifi hotspot, thanks to unlimited 4G LTE connectivity. And if you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident, Vinli can call for help, even if you’re not able to.

Vinli also Works With Nest to warm up your home as you approach. Similarly, when your car pulls out of the driveway, your Nest thermostat will set itself to Away mode and turn down to save you money.

Work with Nest – Personal

33. Jawbone UP

Jawbone’s UP line of fitness trackers may help you stay in shape and motivate you to get a better night’s sleep, but when paired with Nest, it can do even more. Because the slim tracker on your wrist knows when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake, it can send that information to your thermostat to automatically lower your heat at night and bring it back up in the morning.

In addition, with the current popularity of Jawbone trackers and the growing popularity of Nest, this may be the first smart home automated connection that a lot of people make.

34. Pebble

While they don’t garner as much attention as an Apple Watch, Pebble smart watches are pretty fantastic in their own right. Just like its more famous competitor, Pebble puts your calendar, your notifications, and so much more right on your wrist. The Nest Leaf app for Pebble now lets you include your thermostat and Protect on that list.

It’s a small collaboration — the app is just on your wrist as opposed to on your smartphone — but it’s a useful one. Pebble’s battery life is at least four times that of an average smartphone, so when your phone’s about to run out of juice, your Pebble should still be able to make any adjustments to your Nest devices.

35. Misfit Wearables

Another line of fitness trackers that Works With Nest, Misfit’s Shine, Shine2, Flash, and the upcoming Ray all feature minimalist design and maximum functionality. They keep tabs on your activity and your sleep, and they look great on your wrist or worn as a pendant.

And really, the integration of wearables like Misfit and the Nest thermostat just makes sense. If you’re wearing a device that knows when you’re asleep and when you’re awake, why not sync it with your thermostat to keep the temperature lower at night and higher in the day? That’s what Misfit wearables do — once you sync everything up in your smartphone, that is.

Work with Nest – Controls & Protocols

36. Stringify

Stringify puts controls for everything — your Twitter account, your smart home components, and yes, even your Nest — on one dashboard. It’s an app that serves to make life more convenient and less frustrating. Instead of flipping from one app to another, Stringify lets you do all of your tasks on one app.

It Works With Nest across the board. From the temperature settings on the thermostat to the detection details of Protect to the camera data from the Nest Cam, all of your Nest functionality can be ported right over to your Stringify account.

37. Logitech Harmony Ultimate

One remote to control your lights, your home entertainment options, and the temperature in your home? It’s a convenient idea, and it’s exactly what the Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote does.

When paired with the Nest thermostat, you can control the temperature and set Home or Away modes. It also syncs with the Nest Protect to show you its status, and you can program triggering activities (such as flashing lights) if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

38. Yonomi App

Nest is just one of more than 50 smart home components that the totally free Yonomi app can control. The remote control that it affords is great, but even better is its ability to run what it calls “routines,” or simple automation based on your activity.

You could, for example, program your Nest thermostat into a wake-up routine, so that just before you get out of bed, the temperature in your home rises, plus your coffee starts brewing, the lights come up, and your BlueTooth-enabled stereo starts playing your favorite music.

39. Wink App

One of the emerging issues in the smart home market is that there are a number of different platforms, and they don’t always play well with each other. The Works With Nest initiative is working to change that, but it’s not compatible with everything. Enter Wink, a smart home hub that can sync with a huge range of products and put all of the controls in one convenient place: it’s own free app. What’s smarter than that?

Once the hub is installed, Wink puts all of your Nest thermostats and Protect controls in its dashboard. Need to control the temperature or the Home/Away mode? It’s right there. Curious about what’s happening in front of your Nest Cam? Also there. Want to see the status of your Protect? There as well. Plus, should the Protect actually detect smoke or carbon monoxide, you can set up a Wink Robot, or program, so that, say, the neighbors are notified, the stove is turned off, and the lights flash. The connectivity and customizability of Wink is a huge asset in the ever-growing smart home industry.

40. Control4

Billing itself as “High-performance automation at a remarkable price,” Control4 is like a sophisticated remote control for your entire smart home. And, beyond simply controlling your devices, you can program them to interact and work together so that eventually, your input is no longer needed, and your components hum along in conjunction with one another.

Control4 works with an impressive range of products, including, of course, Nest. Both the thermostat and Protect can be integrated with any and all of your other smart home components; temperature, Home/Away mode, and detection of dangerous compounds can all trigger other actions when programmed properly.

41. Ray Super Remote

It may seem a bit old-fashioned to have a separate remote to control things in your home. After all, isn’t that what your smartphone is for? Still, the Ray Super Remote looks like a smartphone and functions like one too, with its full-color touchscreen and deep capacity for controlling just about everything around you, and if you can get past the idea of having yet another device in your home, Ray affords a brilliant level of convenience. Oh, and it makes viewing recommendations too, so you’ll never have to deal with the pesky (and often incorrect) algorithms of Netflix again.

While it’s primarily designed to control things like lights and entertainment systems, Ray Works With Nest to control your thermostat. So, when you’re settling in for a movie and feeling just a little cold, you can boost the heat without leaving your seat and watch in warm, cosy comfort.

42. Netvibes

Netvibes is like a dashboard for your entire internet and internet of things, combining home automation with electronic communication so that you’re up to date on all of the important details of your life. Through small sets of directions that you program — Netvibes calls them potions — you can say, make sure you get a text if your stock portfolio drops below a certain value, or get an email if the outdoor temperature will be too warm for a jacket.

Because Netvibes Works With Nest, this interaction can be used with your Nest thermostat and Protect. You can create potions related to your home’s temperature or the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide, keeping you and the important people in your life connected and in touch with what’s happening.

43. Google Now

This Works With Nest integration is worth noting because unlike many of the other items on this list, Google Now is something that a lot of people already use. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s from a company that has a tremendous presence in how we interact with our devices and with each other.

All you need is the Google app, and it will sync with your thermostat to raise and lower it as you arrive home or depart for the day, respectively. And while this may seem like no big deal, do keep in mind that for many, Google Now may be the first Works With Nest connection that they really try.


IFTTT stands for “if this then that,” and it’s a free protocol that allows you to program how your smart home components, apps, and other devices interact. It’s all very user-friendly; the programs are called “recipes,” and you can easily dictate how your different things connect with one another.

Of course, IFTTT Works With Nest, and a huge appeal of this is that you can use IFTTT to make non-Works With Nest devices actually work with it. A big example of this is the Amazon Echo, which is not inherently Nest-compatible. However, a quick IFTTT recipe will allow you to tell Alexa to raise and lower the temperature on your Nest thermostat, essentially making it voice controlled.