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Top 10 Most Intuitive GPS Trackers For Kids 2017

Top 10 Most Intuitive GPS Trackers For Kids

Where is my child? That is the question that gets parents hearts in their mouths if not on their hands. Whether at a park or a beach, a mother keeps an eye on the party and another on the child, if the child has a habit of wandering off, parents do not even get to enjoy their time there. Then again, these are sacrifices that any parent would make for their child without thinking twice about it. Say, maybe your hometown is not as safe and you always need to know where your child is, there are GPS trackers specially designed for kids that can help you with that.

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It gets hectic when you have to work, run errands and watch after the kids as well. Well, not to worry anymore, with child GPS trackers, you can always know where your child has been and in some instances, know where they are going. Some trackers use Bluetooth to connect over short distances, say in a supermarket while others are long range and can cover more ground. What’s even better is, with GPS tracking, you can pinpoint the exact position where your child is.

Here are the best child GPS trackers on the market

1. FiLIP 2

Now, this is what you go for if you are looking for more than a GPS tracker for your child. The FiLIP 2 is a GPS tracker for kids, cell phone, and a wrist watch. Three functions in one tracker with a modern design. Moreover, it is light and water resistant. This feature is good news for almost all parents as; children are playful and coming into contact with water, dirty or clean are nearly a norm for them. In addition to being light, this device was modified earlier in 2015 to ensure it is comfortable on a small wrist.

Filip Wearable Smart Watch Phone

The FiLIP is a wearable phone and locator for kids, designed with parents in mind

The FiLIP 2 has a kid-friendly band that can be adjusted with spacers. This band can be worn open or closed; the purpose of the spacers on the band is to give room as your child grows so that you do not have to budget for another GPS tracker as your child gets older. With this in mind, the company went ahead and made it more durable. The FiLIP 2 is the first child GPS tracker of its kind to have a two-way text messaging feature. You can send texts or alerts like, dinner is ready, to your kid without having to look for them.

It comes in four kid-approved colors so your child can choose from a variety of colors. However, you can only store and contact five numbers with this device. Then again, why would a child need more than five numbers for? The FiLIP 2 goes for $149.99 plus a monthly $10 fee for phone service.

2. The Tinitell Watch

When buying a GPS tracker for your child, it is important to enquire if the tracker allows communication. The reason for this is, sometimes your child may be out of range or wander off to a very crowded place where you can see them but cannot get to them. Also, they can be in school, or you can be at work, and since some schools do not allow cell phones, this is the easiest way to check on your kid during the day. The Tinitell Watch was made with communication in mind. Nonetheless, it still performs as a tracker and obviously, as a watch.

Tinitell GPS Watch

Tinitell GPS Watch comes in various colours

This device has a module that enables parents to GPS track their child’s location in real-time. Most kids may not be quite familiar with using technological gadgets; well unless they play games or do something a child would consider fun. With this notion in mind, the Tinitell manufacturers enabled voice commands on the device to make using it easy. It would be a big mistake to trust a kid with a touchscreen device when they are not familiar with how it works or are very playful. With Tinitell, all your child has to do is issue voice commands such as, call mom, the device then springs into action.

tinitell app view gps

Easily give permission who can view and interact with your loved one

The device has one button on the front that turns it on and off and two other buttons to adjust the audio levels/volume. The Tinitell GPS watch for kids has arguably the best battery life a GPS tracker can have; it lasts for 60 minutes while talking and seven days on standby. It is also water and dust resistant, this eliminates the worry of your child ruining it while playing or by spilling drinks on it. This smart watch/GPS tracker goes for $150; it has gained a reputation for the simplest GPS child tracker on the market.

3. My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag is the ultimate pocket-friendly child GPS tracker for your kid. It is safe to have a backup safety plan concerning your finances and buying such a tracker can help with that. The reason most parents do not go for GPS trackers is because they are expensive, and it is not very wise to entrust a child with an expensive technological gadget. Besides spoiling it, there is also the risk of someone stealing it from your child. This device provides the real-time location of your child’s whereabouts as one of its features.

My Buddy Tag is the only device on the market that sends alerts to you in case your child accidentally drowns. The device sends a signal if it is submerged in water for five consecutive seconds. It may turn out that your child is just playing with water, and it is his hand only that is submerged, but it would not hurt to have this tracker just for this feature. There are multiple cases of kids accidentally drowning but with My Buddy Tag you do not have to worry about that as a parent, or you can, at least, get there on time.

My Buddy Tag has two different wristbands, a terry cloth or Velcro wristband for regular use and a disposable silicone wristband for field trips. Moreover, if you have several children, you can track them simultaneously and identify each tag by name. It also has a place where you can write contact information. However, this device only covers a range of 80-120 feet while outdoors and 40 feet while indoors. My Buddy Tag goes for $38.

4. SAFE Kids Paxie Band

Kids will always love fancy looking things. The SAFE Kids Paxie Band is colorful and elegant looking. No child will see this tracker and not want it. Some will be oblivious of its functions but it doesn’t matter, it looks good, and every child will want to have it as theirs. The company changes the tracker’s design to suit the ever changing children fashion industry. What would be better than a device that your child loves and it can help you locate where they are in real time and looks good on their wrist?

The SAFE Kids Paxie Band GPS tracker for kids has excellent GPS connectivity, which not only helps a parent track their child, but also set boundaries of where the kids should be. The good thing about this tracker is you can know when your child goes beyond the areas you have designated. This device has a feature that helps you input boundaries of where your child should not go past. Moreover, it also records ambient temperature using sensors installed in the wristband. This feature can help you prevent your child from getting a heat stroke.

The SAFE Kids Paxie Band also has inbuilt sensors on the wristband that monitor your child’s heart rate. It also has activity tracking sensors that help you keep track of how active your child has been. This device goes for $ 175 plus monthly fees.

5. PocketFinder

It would be safe to assume that children do not understand the meaning of delicate until later on in their lives. Children often break valuable things out of their unquenchable inquisitive nature or just for the sake of breaking stuff. However, you have no reason to worry about your child breaking the PocketFinder tracker. In fact, you do not have to worry about anyone spoiling this bad boy. The PocketFinder can withstand going through the washer and the dryer. How you ask, well, it is made from the same plastic material that makes riot shields.

If you have a wild child, this is the device for you. You can set your child’s speed limit using this device. It is equipped with an accelerometer that will alert you the instance your child goes past a pre-set speed limit. On one hand, this tracking device can help you know when your child is running from something or someone. On the other hand, in the event of a kidnapping, you would know first. The PocketFinder uses tap alert, a feature that helps the child send SOS messages to the numbers connected to it. It works by tapping it three times on a hard surface.

Your child does not even need to wear this device on their wrist; it can also function properly from a backpack or the child’s pocket, pinpointing your child’s location via GPS. Considering the kind of damage this device can withstand, you do not need to worry about having spent your money on an expensive tracking device only for it to be broken by your child. The PocketFinder goes for $130 and a monthly fee of $10.

6. The hereO

The irony that comes with the hereO is that it is very colorful yet has an insipid aura around it. At a glance, this device looks like a simple watch with a digital clock interface. However, its GPS tracking system can run for up to 72 hours. You know what they say; simplicity is the best form of complexity. The hereO kids GPS tracker comes in several kid-friendly styles. Its design makes it look like a simple kid’s accessory, but its features prove that it is more than just that. It is hard to think it is a tracking device so predators won’t pay much attention to it in case something bad happens.

The tracker activates a tamper alert in case anybody removes the watch from the child’s hand; the alert pings the last known GPS info making tracking easier. Even if it is the child who removes it, the signal still goes through. It is a little disappointing to know that this GPS tracker for kids does not support calls, but it makes up for that by sending location data to pre-programmed family members. This is made possible by its panic alert feature that comes in handy in case of an emergency.

The hereO goes for $149. Moreover, it comes with a charging dock and three months of free service before a monthly fee of $4.95 every month for maintenance.

7. Caref GPS Phone Watch

This tracking device is among many other tracking devices made by Precise Innovation for kids. The Caref GPS Phone Watch has a sleeker look that would go best with children aged above seven years. Its display is easy to read, and the tracker itself is easy to use. It has a call option that allows kids to call their parents directly from the watch. Most GPS enabled child trackers only send alerts to the parent in the event of an emergency or when the parent needs to know where their child is, well, apart from the Caref GPS Phone Watch.

It has an additional feature that sends your child’s GPS location in real-time every ten minutes through the mobile app. With this tracker, parents can set geofence boundaries, and it will automatically send alerts to them the instance their child leaves them. In the case of trouble, the watch has an SOS button that immediately calls for help while relaying the child’s GPS location at the same time. Moreover, if the first number that is pre-programmed into the device does not go through, it systematically calls the other numbers until contact is established

This feature means you do not have to worry if your phone battery dies as anybody on the list can be reached in case of an emergency. The device calls all the numbers until the end of the list. The Caref GPS Phone Watch goes for $67.

8. Trax

Just like some of the tracking devices discussed above, Trax is not worn on the wrist; rather it is a portable box-shaped device that can be carried in your child’s pocket or backpack. It snaps into a clip that can be attached to your child’s belt as well. Most parents would prefer this device for kids who have a tendency of taking the wristband type of trackers off. Moreover, the fact that it is not visible to other people makes it a precious commodity for a child to have.

Trax provides geofencing, just like some devices discussed above as well as speed alerts, location updates, and scheduling. While most GPS trackers for kids provide you with the location of your child, Trax does that and a little more. It provides your child’s location within your vision field through your phone’s built-in camera. Besides, it also provides the distance between you and your child so you can decide the best route to take to get there fastest. This augmented reality feature makes it stand out from most child GPS trackers.

However, unlike most GPS enabled child tracking devices, Trax does not support calls or texts. Additionally, its price is hefty too with one device going for $249. While most trackers offer two or three months of free use, Trax offers two years. After that, there is a monthly charge of $5.

9. Lineable

Lineable is arguably the cheapest tracking device on the market. For just $ 5, you can have this Bluetooth-powered location device.

Lineable lasts for approximately one year and requires no charging. This child tracking device is ideal for instances when you have your child close to you, but you are in a crowded place, say the park, playground or the mall. Lineable has a kid-friendly design that helps it disguise its real function. Most child abduction cases happen in parks and playgrounds; it is wise to have a location device that can tell you where your child is despite being able to see them because a person may distract you, but you can still get to your child before the confusion created by the busy park or mall makes you lose sight of your child.

Lineable makes the world a parent for every kid through a feature called Crowdsource GPS. It uses this as its working system to help people with the Lineable Application track any Lineable device within their range. This feature comes in handy for those instances where you lose your phone, or its battery dies. The Lineable App makes the world a safer place for kids through this feature that allows active engagement of the public. Additionally, this device is waterproof and is coated with silicon, which makes it durable and comfortable for your kid to wear. It also has a long battery life that acts as a massive selling point.

However, you can guess that it has a somewhat limited tracking range because it uses Bluetooth and only uses GPS when you cannot access Bluetooth or need to access Crowdsource GPS; it tracks your child within 65-98 feet, depending on the environment.

10. Amber Alert GPS Locater

This tracking device for kids is the closest thing to a mobile phone a child will have. Most trackers do have the voice call option, but very few have embedded sim cards. Just like the name suggests, this device is currently among the best GPS trackers for kids. Normally, a kid has no idea who the strangers they meet are. A person may be a thief but to a child, he or she is just another stranger, and as long as you can get on with the child properly, you can distract him or her to your real agenda.

Now imagine a tracker that can notify you if your child is close to a registered sex offender. I am not kidding you; the Amber Alert GPS Locator is the only device on the market that sends notifications to parents or guardians when your child is within 500 feet of a registered sex offender, how amazing. I mean, with all these cases of child defilement I know I will not be surprised if parents decided to ask the government to provide their children with these trackers. However, you do not need to wait for the government to get this tracking device; you can get it for only $129.

Did I mention you can make calls using this device? Well, in addition to the price you pay to acquire the device, you can pay $ 15 per month to get 150 texts alerts or $ 18 per month for 300 texts. In addition to texting and calling, the Amber Alert GPS Locator supports alerting via voice and e-mail as well.

A short Relevant Q & A Session

1. How do I choose a GPS tracker for my child?
Just like any other electronic device, it is wise to look at the specifications first before you buy a GPS tracker for your child. Some cover a longer distance than others while some have voice call features and others don’t. Additionally, it is wise to consider a device that best works for your kids’ age and the sort of environment he or she is usually in. It is also important to consider ease of use and battery life.
2. Can someone else operate my child’s GPS tracker?
GPS trackers are tied to mobile Apps that are connected to particular phones. I understand this question since many technological gadgets are prone to hacking, but there have been no incidents related to GPS trackers for kids. Additionally, in the event of tampering, most GPS trackers send alerts to the assigned numbers, so they are safe.
3. Are GPS trackers for kids efficient?
Just like any other GPS related gadget, GPS trackers for kids are imperative. Questions may arise from their efficiency but is GPS not used in almost everything lately from tracking your location via phone to tracking a place and creating a map while driving. GPS trackers for kids are as efficient and come in handy to ensure your child’s safety.
4. Where can I find a GPS tracker for my child?
Well, if you know the exact GPS tracker you need, you can check online for the device then get details on how to buy it straight from the manufacturer. Most of them are on Amazon too, but you can also find them in App stores and fitness shops.

. Conclusion

Security is one of the most important aspects of this carefree, modern 21st-century lifestyle, things can flip around in a matter of seconds only to leave you languishing in a pit of self-pity, worry, and self-torment. Don’t wait until you’re a victim of circumstances.

Therefore, whether it is job security or actual security, people need to feel safe, and their loved ones need to know they are safe too. A parent’s most prized possession is their child’s or children. Back in the day, almost all nannies were trustworthy, and security was better, these days you need more than those charged with protecting you and your family to feel safe.