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Top Ten Intuitive Best GPS Trackers for Cats and Dogs 2017

Top Ten Intuitive Best GPS Trackers for Cats and Dogs
Cats will always be cats.

CATS with always be cats. And most cats are not indoor cats. Nonetheless, you do not want your furry ball of goodness to become one of the 100.000 pets that go missing every single week in the USA and Europe alone.

Despite being mostly territorial, and not tend to roam too far, cats are perhaps the most inquisitive of pets. They occasionally get caught up in their social butterfly ways, though.

One moment your cute pet is slacking off the daylight on the couch, a bit more time and they are missing MIA-style. You might wonder why they keep vanishing just when you need a hug.

On the (countless) days when you worry your heart to bits about that cat and feel that you need a handy tool to let you know kitty is fine and just playing out her stealthy instincts on the prowl. The best GPS cat trackers can help to ladle the cat out of trouble and keep him or her safe.

Below we detail the best GPS trackers for cats.

If you want to know whether your cat is going somewhere it shouldn’t, or when it crosses a safe zone, or you yearn to help the kittens to make it back home in time for dinner. Or just need to know where the darn cat is at, below are spot on, cat homing GPS trackers to suit every cat’s (and cat owner) fancy.

The Top 10 Best GPS Trackers for Cats and Dogs

1. Pod 2 GPS and Wi-Fi Cat Tracker

Price: $160 (£139) first year and $50 (£39) annually from the 2nd year
Weighs: 29g (50.5 mm by 23 mm)

Use this GPS, Wi-Fi, and 2G cellular network cat tracker to locate your delightful furry ball both indoors and outdoors—and at any time of day or night. Well, except when they are sleeping.

Pod 2 GPS Pet Tracker

The main 4 features of the Pod 2 GPS Pet Tracker

Small or large, your cat can easily and comfortably sport this equally impressive thing on a standard collar of your choosing. There’s also the Pod Android, IOS, Windows Phone app, and custom Pod 2 website. From the app, you can set up safe zones, and escape alerts will come in as soon as kitty jumps over your flower hedge to get that routine perfume rub at the neighbors. You can only squeeze about 8 hours of continuous recording from the USB-rechargeable battery life. But the company slots in two batteries in the box. Meaning you can easily swap the empty one and ensure Moggie is always on your radar. You will use the same USB slot to connect the tracker to your computer and transfer your cat’s adventure stats, as well as see how active they are—almost like a Jawbone 2 human activity tracker.

Pod 2 Tracker Specs

Specifications of the Pod 2 Cat Tracker

Still, kitty can decide to stay out past the 8-hour battery life. In that case, you would have to switch to either the mobile apps’ real time recording and tracking capability or the Pod 2’s web tool to trace him up to the very spot he could be. Overall, the Pod 2 GPS cat tracker is a pretty solid purchase that you will enjoy—before resolving to the subscription from the second year.

2. Eyenimal Cat Video Camera

Price: $89 (£79) paid once
Weight: 32g (41mm x 44 mm)

Have you ever wished you had photographic evidence of Fluffy’s disappearing act? Now you can.

The cool thing is the night vision. Eyenimal got it to work up to a range of 2m (7 feet), and though the video recordings are not the kind smartphones are on to nowadays, it is pretty decent for the tracker’s 77.50 GBP tag.

eyeanimal cat videocam

Capture the most beautiful moments of life through your pet’s eyes.

You get 4GB of inbuilt memory to store up the clips. You have to either transfer or delete the content when the memory fills up or like many readers attest, the camera just won’t work.

When Tommy comes home (finally!) you can connect the tracker to your computer via the USB—which is also useful for charging when your cat is sleeping. Yes, you can clip and unclip it on a standard cat collar whenever you want to do either.

The tiny camera records at a resolution of 736X480. Rest assured it gets the job done thanks to the IR lens that filters bright sunlight and makes colors less washout. Just ensure you don’t fasten it too tightly. Kitty’s fur may block part of the camera view. Also, you get not only video but also decent quality audio to go with thanks to the microphone inbuilt into it.

However, you will need to check if the device works in your country. Use Eyenimal’s website to review this little nugget. If it works in your area, the cat action camera is great for learning your cat’s double life and taking a cinematic walk into its life. But, sadly, the battery will only support recording for up to 2.5 hours, so if your cat is quite the long-term ranger, you might be out of luck faster that you can say where. However, if she keeps close, you can hear, watch and learn who’s been charming kitty off to a block away.

3. Kippy The Pet Finder

Price: $120 (£99) for the first year, then Euros 30 p.a
Weight: 50g (60 mm by 35 mm by 20 mm)

At that weight, Kippy is the best fit on large cats.

Also, and perhaps Kippy’s best feature is that it can track your cat away from home using the cellular network of any phone near the wandering cat when GPS signaling just doesn’t cut it or is off. They call this multi-layered tracking, and we figure it is a superb thing. Couple that with a 20-day battery life, and a motion detection function that switches GPS off automatically when kitty is sleeping, and it is easy to find fluffy before the battery runs empty.

kippy pet finder gps tracker

GPS tracker for cats and dogs with Activity Monitor

Just like the Pod 2 tracker below, Kippy lets you set up safe zones, and you can receive alerts when your cat is trending along or has just crossed your stipulated go-zone. This you can do via the Kippy IOS, Android or Windows Phone mobile apps, as well as a custom web portal on their website. Mobile apps mean you can walk or drive to and track your cat in real time up to within a few inches of her hideout.

Kippy is also shockproof, a unique solution to a jam that most cat trackers overlook. So kitty will not hate you for shocking it the very first night you fasten his collar. The waterproof feature, though, is a bit of a waste for use on a cat—given their pass over for everything soaked.

Unlike Pod 2, WI-FI and Bluetooth are consciously missing, meaning no indoors cat tracking here—even when she likes to hide in the home. Also, if you live outside Europe, Turkey, South Africa and India, you will not be able to use Kippy. Overall, though, it is a nice cat homing device—that is if your Moggie even likes the large collar bracelet.

4. PawTrack GPS Tracker Just for Cats

Price: $199 (£149)
Weighs: 70g

The PawTrack GPS Cat Tracker promises to not only help you find your cat if she ever got lost but also know where she goes and what she does.

pawtrack gps tracker

PawTrack GPS Tracker Just for Cats

For 33 pence a day you can use PawTrack cat locator’s GPS and GLONASS for the most advanced pinpointing to find Charlie before the rain messed her beautiful fur. This fully integrated GPS cat collar incorporates WI-FI for detecting when Charlie’s home. That can also help improve battery life, which PawTrack claims should last depending on cellular network strength. For when it drains, use the Micro USB slot to recharge from a computer or mains, but you’d have to remove it physically from kitty—a ceremony he might not like that much.

For the price, you are getting a whole year’s subscription and a global network of 171 countries where you can both buy and use the dedicated PawTrack GPS cat collar. However, at 70g, this might want to keep off a kitten’s collar and only fit on larger adult cats.

5. Kaddz Cat Tracking Collar

Price: $169 (£140) including first year’s GSM data fees
Weighs: 46g ideal for small adult cats and larger

Kaddz cat live positioning will let you know whenever your little tiger crosses a safe zone such as the safety of your home. If you she leaves the outskirts of her normal territory, and even if she lingers a bit longer than usual, and you are worried she might be in need of your help, you can use Kaddz cat locator’s Search Mode to pinpoint you exactly where she is every 20 seconds.

You can view that on your smartphone, the same place you can follow the life and times of your little bundle of fun. Even if she stays out for up to 4 days, the battery on the Kaddz tracker is good for so long. Kaddz included two batteries, though, so you can charge one and let your Russian Blue free with the other. The battery is removable, so you can change it will she is wearing the collar.

Furthermore, the clasp on the Kaddz cat collar is pretty great. It not only clasps to the collar securely but also comes off when more than 2kg of weight are applied to it. So kitty should not get stuck in it for too long, after which you can use the mobile app to locate and grab it back.

One of the best features you might love is that you can activate LEDs to flicker and sounds so you can locate and find her in the dark or a clogged up area such as a thicket or stacked up basement. However, you need a 50 GBP Kaddz Subscription to continue using it for the second year and is available in 41 countries.

6. TrackR Bravo Cat GPS Tracker

Price: One off fee of $29.99 (18 GBP). No ongoing subscription
Size: 31 mm wide and 3.5 mm thick (coin-sized)

TrackR is not exactly a dedicated GPS tracker for cats only. It is more of a multi-purpose Crowd GPS tracker. That means it utilizes the power of a community using its tracker device to help you quickly find your pet, valuable items, and even keys. What we really like is that you can set up device ringer tones up to 85dB to hear your furry friend’s whereabouts, especially when you think he is nearby. If he is not, then you can switch to the TrackR mobile apps (Android 4.4+ and IOS 8+) to quickly pinpoint his direction in real time.

Moreover, Tracker works worldwide, and if your cat gets lost and comes to within 100 ft of anyone using a TrackR device, you receive a GPS alert directly to your smartphone and learn about Charlie’s last known direction. Also, you can laser engrave your cat’s name on the coin-sized device and even add a number to call for anyone who finds your little bundle of joy stranded somewhere away from home.

Its minimalist profile is a cool bonus, too. Means you can clasp it to your little tiger’s collar using the durable metal carabiner pretty quickly and easily and kitty might not even notice it is there. So no uncomfortable bouts of collar pressure for him when he is out and about his little, keen-witted business around the neighboring basements and pavements.

What’s more incredible is that the rechargeable, RF1616 battery can last up to 1 year. So rest assured you would have found him by the time the battery drains out.

7. Weenect GPS Collar for Cats

Price: $89 £(69)
Weight: 20 g

This pet locator lets you set up as many custom safe zones as possible, and if Walter dares cross them, pings you with an alert straight away on your mobile app. The app is available for both Android and IOS devices so you can easily map your cat wherever they walk about as well as keep track of their exercising—a comprehensive activity monitor like that of the Pod 2.

What is a real stand out about Weenect Cats GPS tracker for cats, though, is that you can phone your little tiger from that pesky hideout. So not only can you use the app to get live directions to exactly where your cat is exploring, but you can also speak and ring her with pre-set sounds—that you can have trained her to understand are a call to come back to mummy for a bubbly hug.Too bad, the Weenect GPS cat tracker is only available for pre-order. But we had to include it here, nevertheless. Sure looks promising.

8. Tractive GPS Pet Finder

Price: $109 (£89) Upfront and $90 (£75) per year
Weight: 32g (51mm by 41mm by 15mm)

Like other current positioning trackers on here, Tracker has a function where you set up a Safe Zone. Immediately your cat leaves it, and the miniature GPS tracker sends you an alert directly to your smartphone. This you can get from an Android 2.3 and above or IOS 4 and later devices. Cat parents can also track their lovely kitty live on the Tracker website, and, if you want, review where their cat was just a few minutes earlier using Tracker apps.

Tracker claims that they charge the 4.49 GBP monthly fee to cover cellular network charges since their GPS tracker uses a GSM module to connect to the towers. They, however, promise that is the only additional fee you will ever pay.

The battery is non-removable, so you have the unclip the whole thing to charge it for about 2 hours—which then runs for 3-5 days depending, of course, on network coverage. The stronger the signal, the longer the battery life.

Compared to other GPS cat trackers, Tractive is a bit pricey. Against the Pod 2, for example, it doesn’t have WI-FI support for indoor tracking, is ideal for pets above 4.5kg, covers 95 countries less, and you will not be able to swap or even remove the battery. However, Tractive includes two sizes of straps to fit smaller albeit adult cats.

9. GPaws GPS Data Recorder

Price: $30 (£24) at Amazon
Weight: Just 29g

It is lightweight and ideal for all sizes of cats.

You only need to charge it fully (4 hours) via USB connection, and then securely clip the miniature cat tracker to your cat’s collar and follow the action. Pinpoint exactly where your furry buddy is spending her quality time: the GPS module keeps tabs on her and records her position every 5 seconds for up to 8 hours straight. That is how long the battery lasts on a single charge.

On the flip side, we have had some readers complain that GPaws GPS Data Recorder does lose the GPS signal occasionally and records locations slightly inaccurately. Also, you cannot use it to find your cat in real time, only to find out where it has been. And kitty must have returned or been found already since cat parents must physically download this info from the GPS device itself.

10. PawTrax Halo for Cats

Price: $110 (£95)
Weight: 20g

This UK cat locator company promises to keep your cat from becoming one of the 3000 that get lost from home every week in the UK.

PawTrax bets on GSM technology to help track your little Angels even when there is weak or no GPRS signal around. If you order for it, the device is supplied with a UK PAYG GiffGaff sim card and SMS cost in the 6p-12p for each one. But you can choose to provide your own 2G sim card and have PawTrax test and verify it. You also get a reflective 3-metre strap to go comfortably around kitty’s neck.

If your cat has a neck size of about 220 mm, this GPS tracker for cats is ideal, and especially now that the company has decided not to include the flexible section in their current cat trackers.

This is what to look out for when buying a GPS tracker for cats

Think about your furry friend’s feelings

Choose a dedicated GPS cat tracker instead of an “all-encompassing pet tracker”. That is because cats are so not like dogs or other pets. A cat’s dislike for anything uncomfortably bulky, weighty, too colorful, and tight or saggy, is legendary. So go for something your four-legged buddy is most comfortable in. Rest assured this might be the thing that makes the tracker last long on Fluffy’s collar. Otherwise, kitty will scratch off your expensive bit of technology and leave it in a nearby thicket just in case you need it back.

Check for battery life

A cat tracker is less than great if it has a poor battery life—everything runs on it anyway. GPS trackers are particularly power guzzlers. So if your cat has vested stakes in sneaking, and sometimes leaves for up to a week, or longer, a 4-day battery life is pretty much a crude deal in such a case. A battery life that assures, at least, a week’s worth of GPS tracking in mediocre to high GPS signaling is a better bet.

Think of range

If you live in a rural location, your cat is likely to wander off further than in an urban, built-up setting. As such, ensure you choose a GPS tracker for cats that has a longer range than 100 yards. To help with this, get a tracker that has a GSM module incorporated. So that it can connect to a cellular network and cat track over a wide range—almost everywhere your phone can signal up. If you are in a built up area, ensure you get a unit that will still track your furry friend in between buildings and urban gardens. A tracker that requires a clear way to track is pretty much a heartache to use in an urban area.

WI-FI and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are also great to have on a cat homing collar if your cat likes to hide indoors.

GPS vs. RF Tracking Technology?

Radio frequency tracking is pretty accurate. RF can help track your cat up to exactly where he might be hiding but only works well within short range. GPS, on the other hand, is pretty handy for long range cat tracking. Just ensure you grab yourself (okay, your cat) a cat homing system with decent battery life because GPS is a real power drain for trackers.

Consider the hidden costs

Most GPS trackers use embedded sim cards to connect to cellular networks and help track your cat right down to a very specific hideout—a great thing.

However, data charges become part of your cat homing experience. While some cat tracking systems come loaded with a ready-to-track data plan included in the original price—mostly for a particular period—some need you to top up the data fee in monthly bundles. Some others only require you to pay a one-off data charge for a lifetime. It is your choice. Be sure to check if the brand calls for an ongoing subscription too.

Choose a mobile GPS cat tracker

The smartest cat tracker includes mobile tracking tools to boost. The best of these is having a handy smartphone app – IOS or Android, or both. You can check if your choice of best GPS tracker for cats supports Windows Phone OS as well. Mobile apps give you a lot more functionality.

This way, you can program the tracker remotely, as well as track your cat’s location, speed, and distance traveled. You can as well follow your cat’s vitality based on, for instance, their body temperature and where they spend quality time at (probably tell if he eats at your neighbors), right from your smartphone screen.

Now, determine where to buy

Where to buy the best GPS cat tracker may to some extent influence whether or not you get a great bargain, a decent warranty, T&C, and regular services at a considerable price tag. Ideally, buy from a legitimate distributor, or online and straight from the maker. That might be the difference between getting a free replacement if the shipped unit is not what it was deemed to be, or getting your cash back if you change your mind wholly…

. Conclusion

Unlike just two years ago, cat owners now have a choice about which GPS feline tracker to buy. Modern GPS trackers for cats also come spooned with a load of well thought out functionality too, such as motion detection to help save on battery life, mobile apps, and Google Maps integration to help locate kitty precisely, activity monitoring, and even a quality camera to shoot wild video.