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Monbaby Review: Smarter Monitoring for Your Baby?

So So Anxious It’s no great secret that new parents are an anxious bunch. When we first brought our daughter home from the hospital, we stared at her tiny, sleepy face and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. Mostly, we were scared. What if something went wrong? What if


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4 Ways Smart Sensor Systems Are Expected To Change Our Future Lifestyles

SINCE time immemorial man has struggled ( and failed to some extent ) to replicate and improve his five core sensory senses in a bid to understand his environment better. For his eyes, he has struggled and strived to recreate and replace them with smart surveillance and integrated imaging systems.


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What is Biohacking? Everything you need to know!

BIOHACKING is the combination of IT knowledge and biological systems to optimize performance, body, and mind. It may sound too technically but actually, most of us biohack on a daily basis probably without our knowledge. We have at least a cup of coffee or tea each morning, try to sleep