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Eurobike 2018: Unique display window for bike mobility of the future

Even with an early submission of applications, Eurobike 2018 can once again report strong bookings. “Through the new scheduling, we have for the first time obtained the support of the global bicycle industry to participate in Eurobike at an early stage. We are looking forward to a full exhibition hall


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The Best Smart Luggage and Carry On Bags in 2017 Will Enhance your Travel Experience

If you travel frequently, chances are you’ve been there. You’re running through the airport because you’re going to be late to your meeting or event, partially because you had trouble getting through security. You get to the luggage claim, ready to grab your bag and run off so that you


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Top 10 Most Intuitive GPS Trackers For Kids 2017

Where is my child? That is the question that gets parents hearts in their mouths if not on their hands. Whether at a park or a beach, a mother keeps an eye on the party and another on the child, if the child has a habit of wandering off, parents


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33 of the Best Internet of Things Gamechangers 2017 to Look out For

WE are well in the 21st century, no doubt. And the good thing about being alive in such a time is that the newly-discovered Internet of Things lifestyle is rapidly transforming lives with breakthroughs in the automobile industry, healthcare technology, Nanoarchitecture, social media advancements, virtual reality and smart wearables just


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20 Smart Health Products Changing The Healthcare IT Landscape in 2017

FINALLY! Value-based care may become a reality. Big data and the Internet of Things are popping off signs of catching up with the healthcare industry—and promise to make a remarkable difference. Tiny, implantable tags can be used in the human system to not only detect adverse health conditions before they