About us

Years ago, even before the advent of the internet and modern communication, people still believed in the spirit of collective pooling of resources to fund a viable project. And as the internet revolutionised how we relate, communicate and interact with one another, it also brought forth with it a new avenue of funding brilliant ideas and transforming these ingenious blueprints into reality. In fact, chipin.com was one of the sites that heralded the integration of the sophistication of the internet into crowdfunding and raising money for a worthy cause. The principle behind the operation of this platform revolved around ‘chipping in’ – to contribute in small but significant amounts to a greater purpose – as the name can very easily reveal.

The future of Chipin.com

Being one of the pioneer crowdfunding avenues (it was operational even before the likes of powerhouses such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter) Chipin.com is in need of a facelift. We’ve recognised that the methods of collecting money and accruing funding online have greatly changed over the years, and thus it’s only fair that we change in tandem with the rapidly changing times. As a result, we’ve put together a team to chart the way forward as far as improving and re-inventing chipin.com goes.

As much as we intend to overhaul both the pedestal and facade that was chipin.com, we will be aiming to retain the same ideology behind the foundation of the site. Like in Chipin, we will still allow anyone and anybody to collect money for a group or a personal cause without any significant limitations whatsoever. In addition to that, we are planning several exciting new features to improve the experience and success of your crowdfunding campaigns. Stay tuned!

We Need YOU!

We still aim and focus on empowering and engaging a wide and distributed network of supporters particularly those with brilliant and outstanding ideas in fundraising. This is expected to apply mainly to major and large-scale funding campaigns that take into consideration all or many players in this niche. What’s more, all this is just a rough guideline of what we intend to do. Any useful suggestions of how to relaunch this platform are indeed welcome.

At the end of the day, the bottom line remains that we still believe that any idea that is worth poring over is still worth seeing the light of day, as long as it is to the greater benefit of humanity.