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We Need to Prioritize AI Talent Development

Artificial intelligence is the subject of many science fiction stories. People are enthralled with a computer system’s ability to think beyond human means, to solve problems that we cannot. What is even more impressive, though, are the people who make AI in the first place. Artificial intelligence is ready to


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Blockchained enabled ICOs are pumping cash into the field of AI, fuelling innovation that previously just could not connect with funding. High tech, including AI, is one of the future-forward technologies getting a bump from the cryptocurrency boom. In fact, combining the two is also catalysing the pace of innovation


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Neuromation – The Decentralized & Distributed Synthetic Data Platform For AI Apps And Businesses

AI is the go-to technology for today’s industry which inevitably benefits everyone and makes processes even more efficient and smarter. The application of AI can be seen in practical problems in real life where extremely impressive results have been achieved especially in technologies that relate to vision, speech, machine translation,


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LevelNet – The First Real-Time Distributed Cyber Security Platform That Learns And Adapts

Computer viruses and malware have long been a recurring problem in the IT industry. For as long as computers and the Internet exist, viruses that spread to cause damage for personal gain and even for the joy of it sometimes cause billions in dollars of damages to affected individuals. At


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What does the Future Hold for Smart Speakers?

Growing up, I was intensely jealous of the crew of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. Not only did those plucky explorers in their snappy uniforms get to spend their lives cruising around the galaxy battling alien foes and discovering exciting new worlds, but their technology was miles ahead of anything I