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Evedo IEO – The Blockchain Ecosystem for Events Cutting Out the Middleman

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There’s big money in tickets. Major start-ups like Viagogo, Ticketmaster and StubHub have emerged to make big bucks by simply selling tickets to live events. With the ever-increasing need for live entertainment including sports events and music-loving festivals, the new generation of millennials will always be seeking out the latest hot events. The ticketing business seems to remain one of the fastest growing for quite some time.

This doesn’t mean the ticketing industry is completely free of controversy. Ticket scalpers, with the help of automated bots, are one of the biggest issues. It becomes close to impossible to purchase a ticket for popular events anymore and it drives up ticket prices up to 20 times the original price without adding any value. Furthermore, people still try to scam others by selling fake tickets. Market fragmentation and uncertain ticket provenance remain problems in search of a solution.

Evedo is a blockchain based platform that unifies all businesses and participants involved in organizing events. Evedo wants to build a marketplace and a true ecosystem that will help the $850+ Billion event industry grow by connecting all parties without middlemen.

Evedo will be conducting an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Bitforex from the 16th of April


An Initial Exchange Offering, as the name suggests, is carried out on the platform of a cryptocurrency exchange. In contrast to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), an IEO is managed by a crypto exchange on behalf of the startup that wants to raise money with its newly issued tokens.

An increasing number of crypto currency exchanges have started to accept IEOs. One of the first in the series was Binance, which launched its IEO platform Binance Launchpad. In January, BitTorrent – purchased by TRON – initiated a token sale on Binance Launchpad and collected $7.2 million in less than 15 minutes, hitting the crowdsale hardcap.


One of the main benefits of IEOs is trust. Since the crowdsale is carried out on a cryptocurrency exchange, the counterparty checks every project that wants to launch an IEO on its website. The exchanges do this in order to maintain their good reputation by carefully checking the issuers of tokens.

What is Evedo?

Evedo is the A-Z solution that unifies all businesses and participants involved in organizing events. It’s a marketplace, an ecosystem where performers, event organizers, night clubs, venues, attendees and sponsors can communicate in a safe and secure way.

“Our aim is to build a true ecosystem that will help the $850B+ event industry grow by connecting all parties without unnecessary middlemen”, says Evedo CEO Stoyan Angelov.

There is a growing amount of frustrations in purchasing tickets or running events fairly and securely, here are just a few:

  • More expensive tickets
  • Time loss
  • Ticket Fraud
  • Artist Management related problems
  • Vast Artist Competition
  • Lack of funding for future event
  • Management Software Issues
  • Poor planning

Evedo’s solution to solve these problems is a unified platform that will structure all related parties into one decentralized ecosystem. All of them will be transparently connected.

evedo event solutions

Event promoters need access to the identity of attendees for improved security and emergency response communications. Evedo ensures that 100% of all ticket holders are identified and associated with their respective tickets. This information is securely stored.

Evedo is the first decentralized marketplace and a global community where DJ’s, artists, dancers and any kind of performers with night clubs, event organizers, event infrastructure companies, sponsors and attendees come together all under one roof in a trustless platform that treats them right.

For more information, check out the video below


Evedo IEO Information

IEO Platform: Bitforex Launchpad IEO
Opening Date: Tue, Apr 16th, 2019 5pm Hongkong time
IEO Closing Date: To be announced (UTC)


Symbol: EVED
Blockchain Type: Ethereum
Role of Token: Utility


Public Sale Hard Cap: 2 400 000 USD
Total Token Supply: 160 000 000 EVED
Tokens for Public Sale: 80 000 000 EVED (50% of total token supply)
Public Sale Token Price: 0.0005 ETH per EVED
Public Sale Vesting Period: No lockup

Accepted Currencies: ETH

Token Sale Format: Standard
Lottery Ticket Allocation: Enter the IEO’s lottery ticket allocation
Private Sale Allocation: 16.9% of Total Token Supply

A bonus scheme rewards early investors. It's distributed within 7 business days after the ending day of token sale.
The first 100 participants are rewarded with 20% bonus.
Participants nos. 101-300 are rewarded with 15% bonus.
Participants nos. 301-500 are rewarded with 10% bonus.
Participants nos. 501-1000 are rewarded with 5% bonus.



Stoyan Angelov – CEO
Rick Graham – CTO
George Chisuse – CLO
Elena Kalpakchieva – CMO
Anton Aladzhov – CCO
Gencho Kerezov – Financial consultant
Petar Zhivkov – Blockchain engineer
Karim Hristov – Front end developer


Jonathan Yunger
Jimmie Jeremejev
Sajid Kausar


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