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Fighting Insomnia? Here are the 10 BEST Sleep Trackers in 2017

TRUTH be told, a good night’s sleep is getting hard to come by these days thanks to stressful schedules, insomnia, the difficulties of parenting or even medical conditions such as sleep apnea. Not to mention other issues such as snoring relatives and children screaming in the wee hours of the


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Best Bluetooth Speaker 2017 | Best Portable Speakers On the Market Review

Bluetooth tech is a godsend. We can up and haul our favorite playlist wherever we want, be it the gym, the off-road track, or just milling about the home. Finding The Right Bluetooth Speaker For You And thankfully speaker systems haven’t been left in the ever-evolving Bluetooth dust. Now the


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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Much-Needed Redemption

2016 wasn’t Samsung’s year at all: the well-known scandal regarding the exploding Note 7 phones was enough to turn many people away from both the Note and the Samsung brands, thus making it even harder for them to win a big piece of the market share with their annual flagship


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Consumers, Connected Smart Homes and Well-Founded Security Concerns

A recent survey has revealed that despite popular belief, the majority of consumers worldwide are not so excited at the thought of connected smart homes. This comes as a surprise, especially after the amount of campaigning companies have invested in with the purpose of increasing the people’s interest in the


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Bisecu Smart Bicycle Lock – Smart Bike Lock

BISECU, Forget the lock and enjoy the ride. Bisecu is the world’s lightest and first fully automated smart bicycle lock. At only 1/4 weight of the widely used U-lock, Bisecu is completely keyless by using patent pending bluetooth technology. Because the smart lock is securely installed on the bicycle, there


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Best Virtual Reality Headsets | Best VR Headset to Buy 2017

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been in a pressure cooker the past few years, bubbling away. In 2016 the lid was blown clean off and VR headsets have been gaining traction ever since. VR headsets have come a long way since the 1960s, with new variations forming such as augmented


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Nest are Boosting Smart Home Market with 3 New Smart Devices

Nest has been one of the pioneers of the whole smart home thing. Despite their bellowed thermostat, the company has been losing ground to the other players in the market. And one of the main problems of that seemed to be the lack of new innovative products. The company has


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The Best Hearables in 2017 – Smart Wireless Earbuds Review

Hearables are the newest trend in wearable technology, and it’s easy to see why: people have always enjoyed listening to their music discreetly, on-the-go. Therefore, taking the technology normal earbuds and headsets have even further is the obvious next step. If you are new to this type of technology or


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44 Best “Works With Nest” Products for your Smart Home



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What does the Future Hold for Smart Speakers?

Growing up, I was intensely jealous of the crew of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. Not only did those plucky explorers in their snappy uniforms get to spend their lives cruising around the galaxy battling alien foes and discovering exciting new worlds, but their technology was miles ahead of anything I