News SleepPeanut Review – the little sleep genie accessory to track your sleep effortlessly

SleepPeanut by, this little smart genie wants to track the sleep quality of its users. 35% of people report their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair”, 35.3% sleep less than 7 hours per day. Sleep deprivation affects one in five adults. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an overwhelming majority of people dream of waking up replenished. This is why has launched SleepPeanut™, a smart and autonomous sensor with a low-price tag. It analyses the sleeping phases, reminds the user when it’s the right time to sleep, and wakes him up at the optimal moment to feel replenished through the day. Users can fully enjoy a good night sleep thanks to this adorable and affordable little sensor that costs only $29.00 / 29€.

The right amount of sleep during the night is estimated at 8 hours on average. But the quantity of sleep varies from one individual to another. While some are happy with just 6 hours of sleep, “great sleepers” need 9 to 10 hours to replenish and feel restored. Thus, a standard is impossible to adopt. The ideal period for a good night sleep is the one that allows feeling well rested and fit throughout the day.

According to Claire Colas des Francs, qualified sleep physician: “We all need an incompressible duration of good-quality sleep that is essential to maintaining the memory and learning functions. Sleep plays a role that largely surpasses one’s well-being: it is a vital function, the cornerstone to our health. Each and every one of us should learn to respect their needs to ensure a better quality of life”.

The National Sleep Foundation[i] shows that newborns (0 to 3 months) require the highest sleeping rate of 14 to 17 hours of sleep; teenagers (aged 14 to 17) require 8 to 10 hours per night; adults (aged 26 to 64) fit into a 7 to 9 hours range; while the elderly aged over 65 show slightly higher needs, of 7 to 8 hours of daily sleep.

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“With SleepPeanut, we continue to create small, smart and affordable sensors. We seek to democratize the access to technologies that enhance our everyday lives and make it a casual everything thing. We make them accessible to all budgets and so easy to set up and use that absolutely anyone can benefit from”, explains Rafi G. Haladjian, founder of « SleepPeanut is the perfect solution. The difference between SleepPeanut and its competitors exceeds 100 euros. We created the cheapest sleep tracker and smart alarm clock worldwide. It offers exactly the same functionalities as the other solutions yet it is still the simpler to set-up in less than 2 minutes. Everyone deserves to wake up replenished, this is why we removed the boundaries of price and complexity.”

Understanding one’s sleep…

People sleep more during weekends to « compensate » their chronical sleep insufficiency. But a lack of sleep does not simply resolve in 2 days. As years mat1pass by, people build up this deficit. A sleep insufficiency that mainly affects people aged 35 to 55 that sleep less (generally 6 to 7 hours) while those aged 25 to 35 sleep 7 to 8 hours per day.

With SleepPeanut™, puts a stop to the agony of waking up after unfulfilling sleep nights. This little sleep genie available at only 29 euros is conceived to offer the functionalities of a smart alarm clock as well as a sleeping cycle tracker. It progressively learns and adapts to the changes in the user’s habits.

SleepPeanut must be attached to the mattress, at shoulder level. To perform measurements, it analyses movements, body heat and the user’s habits thanks to a learning algorithm and Artificial Intelligence. Once attached to the mattress, it recognizes and tracks when a user goes to sleep and wakes up, without any additional input or action needed to activate the analysis.mat2

SleepPeanut automatically sends the data of the sleeping cycles (light, moderate or deep) to a smartphone via Bluetooth Smart. On the SensePeanut app, users have access to graphics of their sleeping history, as well as a score of the duration and regularity of their sleep. This score allows users to rapidly compare the sleep of all previous nights. The history allows to see the duration, the drifts and changes in the sleep patterns (hours to go to sleep, to wake up, quality and duration) and correct them.

A truly smart wake-up and sleep.

On the app, users can:
Set up an hour and time frame (30 minutes by default) to be woken up at the right time during their light sleeping cycle. By directly tapping SleepPeanut (on the mattress), the Snooze option offers 10 more minutes of sleep.
Specify the number of sleep hours that they wish to have during the night. SleepPeanut will alert them of the optimal time to go to bed, depending on the duration and their regular sleep.
Personalize the sound preferences amongst 14 alarms available or choose the discreet clicks of the SleepPeanut on the bed, to awaken without disturbing your partner.
Stock data within a secure cloud and export data history in Excel or CSV formats
SleepPeanut also offers integrations with IFTTT, NEST Thermostats, and other intelligent devices. These integrations allow to automatically regulate the home heating system during when asleep, to adjust the light and to allow thousands of other interactions with other connected objects or online services.

SleepPeanut is part of the SensePeanut range, the little sensors that revolutionize Internet of Objects by offering connected life functionalities to all, simple to use and at an extremely affordable price.


SleepPeanut is available on, at $29.00 or 29€. It is delivered with a replaceable CR2032 battery and several accessories.

ABOUT SEN.SE was founded in 2010 by Rafi Haladjian. Its mission is to develop a new generation of smart objects designed to blend elegantly and unobtrusively into the lives of users while collecting meaningful data, continuously and over long periods of time. It’s unique Mass Market product Mother, an incredibly versatile sensor system, helps family’s monitor all the aspects of their daily lives they care about: detecting home intrusion, measuring temperature, making sure children are back from school, improving medication observance, improving sleep, stimulating to be more active or hydrate more often and much more. The company released a new product line in 2016 called SensePeanuts, a range of simple and affordable smart sensors that make everyday tasks easier and make smart life a reality for a larger audience. SensePeanuts monitor, improve and help facilitate daily activities like taking medicine, sleeping and managing temperature.