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Symmetry Fund: Simplifying Cryptocurrency Investment In One Place

Symmetry Fund ICO Crypto Investment

Despite all talk of a bubble, the cryptocurrency market is still on a roll and going strong.

To quote Forbes, 2018 will be the year of cryptocurrency. As they point out in a recent article on the topic, XRP (the cryptocurrency of Ripple blockchain) has more than tripled since Christmas. Why? A lot of Asian customers are suddenly buying and selling the coin.

Expect to see more of that kind of story this year.

The main problem with investing in cryptocurrency to date, beyond the risk, has been access. High profile “thefts” over the last several years, however, have only served to increase the security of crypto exchanges, as well as the interest in trading a wide range of cryptocurrency beyond bitcoin. And that market has also grown exponentially.

Now the problem is understanding what kind of cryptocurrency it is worth investing in, how to arbitrage opportunities, as well as creating a platform where making decisions and trades is easy and quick.

It is clear the market is getting there. The ICO market has turned the conversation into an $800 billion market with over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. These, in turn, are often tied to not just “currency” but goods and services.

Being able to invest in funds that begin to distinguish between these coins is clearly one of the next steps of the entire discussion. At the beginning of 2017, bitcoin had an 80% share of the cryptocurrency market. In 2018, that has dropped to 32%.

Making choices about which coins to buy is going to be complicated if not aided by tools – and better yet funds which help investors make those choices.

Introducing Symmetry Fund

Symmetry Fund LogoSymmetry Fund’s main goal is to help investors invest in the rapidly diversifying cryptocurrency and ICO markets. It is designed for investors who are seeking high capital growth opportunities and can tolerate high price volatility for a period of five years. They are also looking for investors seeking a more highly risk-correlated portfolio and one that is not correlated to more traditional or conservative investments.

That said, the fund will limit its risk by only trading in cryptocurrencies with a market cap of over $4 billion and a daily volume of over $100 million.

Investment decisions will also be guided by quantitative methods developed by the team. Analytical tools and other forecasting tools including time series modeling will also be employed to be able to develop financial strategies that can accommodate rapidly developing cryptocurrency markets.

To date, the fund has achieved a 50% annual ROI. The combined management team has a combined 20 years’ experience in fund management and private banking.

How does Symmetry Fund work?

Symmetry Fund is not dissimilar to a more traditional cross-currency trading platform concept. Unlike traditional stocks and bonds, however, the fund is hoping to benefit from arbitraging new cryptocurrencies as they begin to cross into a certain financial and transactional legitimacy.

Why is this important?

2018, in particular, will be a year when many different tokens are introduced – far beyond simple ideas of currency themselves – and more importantly, even services and goods will be associated with the same. How will individual investors be able to gauge investment choices? Particularly if they are interested in arbitraging new opportunities coming onto the market as well as existing cryptocurrencies.

The Symmetry fund, once the ICO is complete, will invest the vast majority of its funds in cryptocurrency trading. 20% of the fund will also be invested in ICOs. 10% of the funds will be held in reserve.

symmetry fund ico credit card

Dividends will be paid monthly via ETH, every third day of the month when SYMM makes a profit.

Funds will also be audited monthly by an independent auditor.

Symmetry Fund’s Features

The token of the Symmetry Fund will be the SYMM. The system is designed to maximize transparency and value delivery for shareholders. These include:

Storing funds in FIAT currencies: When funds are not being used in cryptocurrency trades, they will be stored in fiat currencies and regular bank accounts. This will reduce any inherent volatility and risk of the entire fund.

Operate only on proven and regulated exchanges: SYMM will only operate on exchanges like Kraken, Poloniex, and Bitstamp.

5x Leverage Only a 5x leverage will be used when a SYMM trade is made. Leverage will also only be used where appropriate.

The experience of industry professionals: Experienced traders who manage the fund will also be using algorithmic AI to create a high-value analysis that will guide investment decisions.

Share the public information of the founders: Many exchanges and ICO’s in the past have been criticized for a lack of information about founders.

Read-only API account balance information: Where possible, investors will be able to see the fund’s balances directly. When an API key cannot be provided, account balances will be available via the blockchain.

Established fee structure: The only fees charged by the fund will be charged on profits of 7.5% of amounts of over 1,000 SYMM or 15% if the amount is less than 1,000 SYMM.

Symmetry Fund ICO Whitepaper

The Symmetry Fund token sale

Here are the details of the current Symmetry token sale:

Token name: SYMM

Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20 compliant)

Token supply: unlimited

Token sale duration: first phase until February 10, 2018 (only 7.5% commission)

Token sale target: 3,000 ETH (Soft Cap)

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 10 SYMM

Symmetry Fund’s Website

Symmetry Fund’s whitepaper

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