Wearable Europe Berlin 2017: Inspiration through Wearables

Continuing the large list of conferences Chipin will be attending this year, the Wearable Europe 2017 conference promises a lot of exciting new technology for the fans of wearable mobile tech. Part of the IDTechEx Show, the Wearable Europe conference will take place in Berlin, on May 10-11, and will


Past Campaigns

Help Shawn Powers Family – Crowdfunding Campaign

In the afternoon of January 17, 2010, the Powers family came home from church to a sight nobody would ever want to see: their house in flames. Because the head of the family, Shawn Powers, was the Associate Editor of the Linux Journal at that time, the team behind the


Artificial Intelligence, Robots

Rise of AI and Human Response through Mind Uploading

IT is becoming increasingly apparent to all, especially among scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs that machines will soon become smarter than humans. In a recent event held in Berlin, Germany, artificial intelligence (AI) experts discussed the “Rise of AI” in front of an audience of 160 people. Among the things addressed