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Introvert vs Extrovert – The Mystery Behind An Introvert’s Mind

How can we spot an introverted personality and understand it? How do introverts really see the world from their own perspective? What’s beyond the surface? Undoubtedly, introversion and extroversion have been swirling around for what seems like an eternity. We’ve come to know individuals belonging to the “introvert’s community” better


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Sony’s New Xperia Lineup: Futuristic Gadgets For a Smarter Home

Sony’s engineering teams must have been extremely busy lately, as between the launch of the PlayStation VR and the impending launch of the outrageously-well-equipped Sony Xperia XZ flagship phone, the tech titan has also announced three new and revolutionary gadgets at Mobile World Congress 2017. Dubbed the Xperia Touch, Xperia


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Rideables: The Most Promising Magic Carpets of Our Time

Before Aladdin came along, many would have considered magic carpets demonic. Before Harry Potter, flying brooms would have suffered the same perception. But we did get those realignments within popular culture that changed perception for the good. Unfortunately, modern magic carpets are also suffering a perception problem. And as of