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Top 6 Crowdfunding Trends for 2017

Powered by tinkerers, inventors and dreamers all over the world, the crowdfunding industry is poised to make even more of an impact in 2017. Last year saw products spanning a wide range of categories, from the Pilot instant translation device and Paralenz 4K diving camera to the Montessori-inspired Cubetto coding


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Best Bluetooth Speaker 2017 | Best Portable Speakers On the Market Review

Bluetooth tech is a godsend. We can up and haul our favorite playlist wherever we want, be it the gym, the off-road track, or just milling about the home. Finding The Right Bluetooth Speaker For You And thankfully speaker systems haven’t been left in the ever-evolving Bluetooth dust. Now the



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The Best Smart Locks 2017 – Reviews | Features | Security

In the middle of the nineteenth century, archaeologists found the earliest known locking devices at the Palace of Khorsabad in what is now Iraq. The contraption, a wooden pin lock, dates back to around 4000 B.C. The pins inside the locking mechanism prevented the wooden bolt securing the door from



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The Best Hearables in 2017 – Smart Wireless Earbuds Review

Hearables are the newest trend in wearable technology, and it’s easy to see why: people have always enjoyed listening to their music discreetly, on-the-go. Therefore, taking the technology normal earbuds and headsets have even further is the obvious next step. If you are new to this type of technology or




Why Caravan Holidays Are So Good and How to Make the Most Of It

Travelling, in its various forms, is a pastime that many of us indulge in, whether we want to go aboard to be by beautiful, blue waters, or if we want to stay local and investigate hidden gems. There have been several concerns thrown at Caravanning. It’s a fuddy-duddy way of


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These 20 Internet of Things Startups Promise to Revolutionize Your Lifestyle in 2017

From smart kitchens and ovens that alert you when your stew is cooked and TVs that instantly translate any shows’ language to your language of choice, to alarm systems that use facial recognition to tell whether you are being robbed or a friend is simply visiting, the Internet of Things


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9 Crowdfunded Blockchain Trends Replacing Your Banking Services in 2017

The blockchain – a decentralized digital transactions ledger – sounds boring next to the trendy products grabbing the attention and wallets of the crowdfunding folks. You may be more familiar with its high intrigue sub-theme as the platform for cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin, aiming to disintermediate the global monetary system.



How Can Blockchain Technology Companies Become More Competitive?

The blockchain technology industry is expanding fast. Few technologies are more primed to be a catalyst for disruption than blockchain. One research report has projected that the blockchain market will expand from US$ 210 million in 2016 to US$ 2.3 billion in 2021. That’s an annual growth rate of more



Crowdfunding: Is it a Threat to VCs?

It’s difficult to make the case that venture capitalist (VCs) are threatened by the crowdfunding phenomenon. Incubators such as YCombinator and Techstars imply no shortage of entrepreneurs in the startup pipeline fiercely competing for the opportunity to draw from the vast coffers of their experienced, sophisticated, and wealthy VC mentors.


News SleepPeanut Review – the little sleep genie accessory to track your sleep effortlessly

SleepPeanut by, this little smart genie wants to track the sleep quality of its users. 35% of people report their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair”, 35.3% sleep less than 7 hours per day. Sleep deprivation affects one in five adults. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an