10 Years of Schindelhauer Bikes – 3 New Artist Inspired Bikes


Berlin premium bicycle manufacturer looks back on a successful first decade

Four founders, ten years, 16 employees, 18 current models, 130 dealers worldwide. These are the basic figures that could be used to describe Schindelhauer Bikes. The story started with an academic project that gave rise to the company. The first Schindelhauer models were introduced at Eurobike 2009.

But the company wasn’t the only thing that was born that day: a close friendship also developed between the four founders Manuel Holstein, Martin Schellhase, Jörg Schindelhauer and Stephan Zehren. What has always united the four is the balance between constancy and state of the art. The design language has been maintained and refined over the years, complemented by a selection of high-quality components, most notably the Gates Carbon Drive toothed belt system.

A Schindelhauer bike should not only be nice to look at but should also provide the user with long-term enjoyment. This is a stance the four founders, who met in Magdeburg, Germany, took early on.


For their 10th “birthday”, Schindelhauer has now released an anniversary book. A look back and also a look behind the scenes. It may surprise some people to learn that behind Schindelhauer is a young, professional team – or perhaps that is just what they expect. This book aims to bring the Schindelhauer brand and the people behind it closer to the reader – dispelling myths and answering questions in the process. It tells the story of how it began: oddly enough with a university project around a sports car.

The anniversary event held with long-term friends and partners on Friday, 20. September 2019 also unveiled three special Schindelhauer-editions. Three classic models were redesigned by special artists, who have, according to Stephan Zehren, accompanied the brand over the past ten years and longer. Zehren adds: “These are artists, who, like us, live urbanity, and contribute to and reshape their urban surroundings with their art, each in their own way.”

The making-of video shows the three artists and their ideas behind their designs, watch it on YouTube:

Roland Brückner cofounded Bitteschön TV, a studio for illustration, animation and design. Brückner also works as a freelance artist and tattoo artist, which is unmistakably reflected in his design for the high end Ludwig XIV model.

Jasmin Siddiqui, aka Hera of the artist-duo Herakut has been a graffiti and street artist since 2000. Jasmin is known all over the world for her murals as well as her large-scale artwork on the walls of buildings and has made a name for herself in the street art scene. She received the Schindelhauer- allrounder to redesign.

Alexander Hanke has been a friend of the company for many years. Based in Hamburg, he works as a freelance artist with his label Zum Heimathafen. He has been riding a Viktor for several years, which is why he received this model to redesign.

“The last ten years flew by quickly – and we look forward to many more” – says Jörg Schindelhauer

About Schindelhauer Bikes

Schindelhauer Bikes was founded in 2009 by Martin Schellhase, Jörg Schindelhauer, Manuel Holstein and Stephan Zehren. Initially founded at the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg, Schindelhauer later moved to Berlin at the end of 2012. From the very beginning, Schindelhauer developed bikes with a belt driven system — widely unheard of in the bicycle industry at the time. Schindelhauer manufactures robust, high-quality, low-maintenance bikes in a distinctive, functional and clean design.