Achain storms into the Latin American market with the listing of its ACT Token on cryptocurrency exchange BitInka

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Achain announces the listing of its ACT token on Bitlnka, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America, marking its entry into the South American market.

Achain, a public platform that enables developers to issue tokens and create custom smart contracts announces the listing of its ACT token on Latin America’s biggest crypto exchange, Bitlnka. Achain’s ACT token was officially listed on the BitInka exchange on Monday at 10:00 am, UTC.

The listing of the ACT token on BitInka marks the entry of Achain into Latin America, a massive market seeing an increased interest in altcoins. The BitInka listing will pair ACT against more than eight fiat currencies: USD, CNY, EUR, ARS, BRL, CLP, BOB, COP, PEN.

Today, ACT will also launch on BitInka’s InkaPay, South America’s blockchain solution to PayPal. Achain’s ACT token is available for purchase in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru, and Venezuela. The ACT wallet is expected to be fully functional on InkaPay by the end of June, at which time token holders can use ACT to top up their debit cards directly. Partnering with over thirty local banks, InkaPay looks to disrupt the global remittance market and remove financial boundaries by facilitating a fast and inexpensive means of money transfer using blockchain technology.

“Achain is thrilled to expand its blockchain services to the Latin American market,” says Achain founder, Tony Cui. “The listing of ACT onto the BitInka exchange stands with our mission to expand the use of blockchain, and bolster its capabilities and uses. There is huge potential in Latin America for the development of blockchain technology, and we are excited to support its evolution. Achain delivers the power and potential of blockchain technology.”

Achain is sponsoring the LatAm 2018 Blockchain Conference in Sao Paulo on May 28th, where Jonah Schulman, Achain’s US community manager, will be speaking and will officially announce Achain’s plans for expansion within Latin America.

About Achain

The Achain foundation was established in 2015 by Tony Cui, a blockchain enthusiast and early believer in the transformative potential of blockchain technology. In 2015, he decided to start his own blockchain project. The main network of Achain was released in July 2017. Shortly after its release, Achain started its ICO, raising 3,000 Bitcoin in 61 seconds. Achain has since won many competitions in China including the Innovative Application Competition in 2016 and the China Blockchain Development Competition in 2017. Achain prioritizes security, stability, and the extensibility of blockchain technology. Through its cutting-edge development of virtual machines, smart sandbox, value exchange protocols, and forking mechanisms, Achain creates an evolving, user-friendly, low-cost, and customizable blockchain network.