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Astronaut: Making Profitable Cryptocurrency Investments Easier Than Ever

Astronaut Capital Token Investment-ICO

Ever wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies but just don’t know where to start, read up on investment opportunities, or just don’t have the time to manage your portfolio?

Well, lucky for you.

Astronaut Capital is a cryptocurrency investment startup aiming to solve all the problems of clueless investors as the industry matures.

While previous efforts have from other companies have raised questions about the legitimacy of such a business model, the team behind Astronaut Capital is also the same team working on Picolo Research, arguably the most trusted and reliable source for research on ICOs today.

What is Astronaut Capital?

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) boom in 2017 has seen nearly $2 billion invested in numerous ICOs across the world.

While the numbers show that there is massive interest in the ICO market, investors get confused by the multitude of ICOs popping up every day which adds to the list of cryptocurrencies trading in the market right now.

Unlike traditional investing, there is no proper structure set in place yet for cryptocurrency investors which means they have to bear some risks such as losing their money in a poor ICO or missing out on profitable investment opportunities due to lack of information.

astronaut capital ico

As mentioned earlier, it is nearly impossible for an investor to keep up with news in the cryptocurrency industry and don’t forget, untrustworthy news and scams can also be a major setback to investors who do their own research.

Astronaut aims to solve this by introducing the ASTRO token.

Astronaut Capital is a service that allows investors (even small ones) to profit from cryptocurrency investments while reducing their risks as much as possible.

Sounds too good to be true?
Definitely not!

Astronaut works extremely well thanks to three key elements:

1. An extremely experienced and reliable team

Picolo Research grew from nothing to becoming the most popular ICO due diligence provider for not only retail investors, but also institutional investors and large firms in the industry.
The same team that does countless hours of research to make sure investors don’t lose money will be doing the same thing to Astronaut, but even better.
Not only does Astronaut offer unparalleled knowledge in cryptocurrency investing, it also offers its investors exclusive access to researches unavailable to the public.

2. A sophisticated investment platform

Astro token investors get access to a private platform (named the Astronaut Tracker App) designed to inform investors of the month’s recommended investments.
The Astronaut Tracker App connects all the dots by:

  • Providing investors an overview of potential investments every month
  • Monitor the performance of your investments
  • Find out the quarterly bonuses of the ASTRO token
  • 3. Everything is done by the team

    ASTRO token investors only need to do the initial step of investing in the ICO.
    Everything after that is handled by the Astronaut team; investors literally get to do whatever they want while their portfolio grows on auto-pilot.

    This includes managing risks, finding profitable investment opportunities, leveraging risks in the market – basically, anything a mutual fund does but better!
    Not only do investors get to save time this way, they also get to invest in cryptocurrencies without all of the obligations attached to it which may be complicated to the average investor.

    How can investors benefit from investing in Astronaut?

    Aside from all the benefits listed above, investors can benefit from two additional aspects:

    1. Quarterly income distribution

    Holders of the ASTRO token get to enjoy quarterly bonuses based on how many tokens they hold in that quarter.
    By doing this, investors not only profit from the appreciation of their investments, they also gain a recurring income from the token itself which can become a stream of passive income if you have enough tokens.

    2. Gains in the value of the ASTRO token

    Since the value of the token is directly correlated to the performance of the fund, the ASTRO token will rise in value as managed assets by Astronaut grow.
    Like mutual funds, the ASTRO token is aligned with the Net Asset Value (NAV) of assets managed by Astronaut Capital.

    3. 100% transparency

    astronaut app overview portfolioAstronaut Capital promises 100% transparency on the operations of their business which includes:

    • An open viewer API to ensure that everyone gets to see sensitive details such as the allocation of Astronaut Capital funds, current investments of the fund, a real-time view of every investment made by Astronaut, etc.
    • Unfiltered view of the fund’s fiat (cash) account transparency which also includes incoming and outgoing transactions
    • External auditing by trusted firms to ensure that all of Astronaut’s practices are transparent and does not harm investors in any way at all

    4. Extremely strict security practices

    Astronaut uses the best possible resources in the business (advisory-wise) to ensure the investors do not risk anything in their investments.
    The ASTRO token, as well as the platform’s smart contracts, are also audited by top security firms (e.g Ambisafe) to ensure that exchanges are always safe and secure.

    The team also employs lawyers and professionals in addition to the development team to ensure that the financial side of things are done efficiently, ethically, and professionally.

    How do I participate in the ICO?

    The ASTRO token ICO is already live right now.

    Currently, there is a 20% discount on the ASTRO token which roughly equates to 1 ASTRO = $0.80.

    The discount only applies until a certain limit. Once the cap is reached, there will be no more discounts and ASTRO tokens will be sold at its usual price.
    The ICO will also be closed on the 25th of October; leftover tokens will be burned.

    To participate or learn more about the ICO, click on this link to head over to Astronaut Capital’s homepage where you can learn everything you need to know about the project.

    Note: Investors living in the US and Singapore are not allowed to participate in the ICO due to national regulations.