Mining 101: An Introduction To Cryptocurrency Mining

If you’re asking yourself, “Is it worth investing money and time in mining or is it just a fad?” or wondering how cryptocurrency mining works, read our article – we think it will answer those and other questions you might have. Let us explain what mining is in simple terms.


Crowdfunding, Past Campaigns

Retake Mass Effect Childs Play – Crowdfunding Campaign

The Retake Mass Effect movement was based on the dissatisfaction of fans with the ending of the third blockbuster game release and wanted it to be changed/modified so they would have more options about how the story ends. More about the game: Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect games are based


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The Best of GLOMO Awards 2017 – Global Mobile Awards

The GLOMO (Global Mobile) Awards have also taken place alongside the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year, the awards have featured new categories, such as the Best Mobile App for the Connected Lifestyle, or the Best Mobile App for Business. While there were many categories, each presenting the award


Past Campaigns

The Granny Warriors Recount – Crowdfunding Campaign

The 2008 elections may not have been as animated as the 2016 ones, but they did have their fair share of scandals, one example being the Granny Warriors’ campaign. The fact that the small town of Sutton, New Hampshire did not grant the other candidate, Ron Paul, any votes due


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: A Threat to Mankind?

Artificial intelligence (AI) comes with a frenzy that is just impossible to miss or overlook. After all, we are very sure it is going to be part of our lives in the near future and we are going to have to know how to coexist. A year spent in artificial