iPhone 11 Accessories: Cases, chargers and more at a glance


The new iPhone 11 is officially for sale and is breaking all expectations. Apple and many third parties have a vast range of accessories on offer and with Black Friday just around the corner, we’ve got the perfect case, charger and display film to optimize the premium mobile phone.

Which Case Fits the iPhone 11?

Since the cases of older iPhones usually don’t fit, the important question for all iPhone 11 owners is: Which case is best suited for my new high-end smartphone? For some, fashion aspects play a role, for others protection or integrated additional functions. Apple itself has a wide variety of cases in its portfolio: from the simple Clear Case to the classy Folio leather for iPhone 11 Pro/Max with hinged lid. The latter has several advantages. Firstly, it protects the entire iPhone, including the display. On the other hand, banknotes, cards or small slips of paper can be stowed in it. It doesn’t bother when charging wirelessly.

Apple iPhone Clear Case
Apple iPhone Clear Case

The transparent Clear Case is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials. It is available for all iPhone 11 versions. The shape of the silicone and leather case is identical. However, leather is only available for the Pro and Max versions. None of the cases is really cheap. For those who are looking for something cheaper, Hama has a suitable alternative with the booklet Slim Pro or for something more stylish, we would recommend the cases from Moshi.

Moshi iPhone Cases

Thanks to its in-house design team, Moshi’s products impress on the one hand with their uncomplicated and refined design and on the other hand combine quality materials and innovative functions with an unmistakable minimalist aesthetic.

Altra by Moshi is a premium case with a detachable strap that brings unique style and functionality to your iPhone. The detachable wrist strap is designed for an active lifestyle and allows you to carry coffee, crates, toddlers, pets, etc. with your hands free. It also provides extra security when taking photos or walking in crowded rooms.

Capto by Moshi is a slim hard shell case with the MultiStrap developed that brings new features to your iPhone. Designed for an active lifestyle, Capto provides a secure grip on the go so your phone stays firmly attached to your body. The MultiStrap can also be used as a stand for hands-free video viewing. Capto is military drop tested and has a raised bezel to protect your flat screen. Suitable for wireless charging, Capto is the ideal case for anyone looking for stylish practicality and security in one.

Moshi Capto Case
Moshi Capto Case

Speck Presidio

With the Presidio range, Speck offers a solution for every model and many tastes. The sleeves promise protection against falls of up to four meters in height and are equipped with a special coating called Microban, which according to the manufacturer reduces the bacterial load on the sleeve by 99 percent.

Speck Presidio
Speck Presidio

Protect the display: Display protection films

Apple is promoting the iPhone 11 with the world’s hardest glass on both the front and back. The relationship with Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla glass, is close. Initial drop tests have shown that the iPhone 11 is indeed very robust. Hardened glass can withstand rough mechanical stress. However, it is not immune to micro-scratches. Those who are sensitive in this respect or want to sell the iPhone later in the best possible condition will find a large selection of products. Modern foils and glasses can not only protect. Some also reduce reflections or serve as eye protection.

Moshi’s IonGlass Screen Protector

Moshi’s IonGlass is an atomically hardened glass display protector for your iPhone 11/XR that demonstrates exceptional hardness that surpasses even steel. This makes it almost impossible to scratch the IonGlass, even with a knife. Unlike typical flat-cut screen protectors, IonGlass is precision-formed and perfectly fits the curved display of your iPhone 11/XR. This allows full edge-to-edge coverage for added assurance that your touch screen is protected in the best possible way at all times.

With Cable, with Style or Mobile: Charging the iPhone 11

When the iPhone runs out of power, you can charge it either with the included USB lightning cable and power supply/USB port or wirelessly via a wireless charging station. The Belkin BoostUp Charge Stand, for example, is Apple certified and also suitable for fast charging. If you already have several Qi-capable devices in your home, you might be interested in a multiple Qi charging station. Belkin’s Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock charges iPhone and Smartwatch simultaneously. Other products can charge up to 5 devices.

Apple iPhone 11 Fast Charger

For those who want to charge conventionally fast with cables, Apple only includes a Quick-Charge power supply for the Pro and Pro Max versions. The normal iPhone 11 only comes with a simple USB power supply.

The ProGeo USB-C fast charger from Moshi with USB connection allows you to charge a USB-C and USB device at the same time. The USB-C port supports the USB-PD 3.0 profile (5/9/15 V) for universal charging of any USB-C device. Use the USB Type A port to quickly charge your phone, tablet or other USB device for a comprehensive all-in-one charging solution. The travel-friendly charger, part of the ProGeo series, has an on/off plug that can be easily switched between countries.

Charging Cable

The UNO cable is the world’s first cross device USB Type-C magnetic cable, allowing it to work with Lightning, Micro USB & Type-C tips giving compatibility with all smartphones, tablets and USB devices.

The UNO cable has a USB-C connector end which is an upgrade from the current USB Type-A. This allows a higher power input and output and enables the UNO to be compatible with QC4.0 and Apple fast charge. The cable is capable of 2-way full speed USB 2.0 data transfer at 480 Mbps between any USB devices and features a reversible magnetic connection which means instant fit every single time. No more fumbling around to connect devices, even in the dark. 

Put the iPhone on a leash: Mobile phone Necklace

XouXou the small enterprise from Berlin invented the multicolored cords. This accessory has been conquering the market since 2018. The idea of having the smartphone quickly at hand and still having two hands free is particularly popular with women.

Although the trend is barely a year old, mobile phone chains are now available in all imaginable colours, patterns and fabrics. There are hardly any limits to individuality here. Suitable products have already been announced for the current iPhone generation.