Best Smart Laptop Backpacks for Macbook, iPad and Camera 2019

best smart laptop backpacks

For a long time, it was common practice to carry a laptop in a case which usually offers hardly any space for additional utensils. For this reason, laptop backpacks are becoming more and more popular, especially for students but also for anyone else who may want to carry documents, something to drink or other accessories in addition to their laptop. Laptop backpacks are much more flexible than a normal laptop sleeve.

Ultimately a laptop backpack is “only” a backpack with a separate compartment for notebooks and laptops and otherwise a normal leisure backpack. Laptop backpacks often have a few more pockets and storage compartments.

A laptop backpack is an ideal companion for your notebook because it can be carried around easily and is protected from heavy shocks. Of course, there are differences in size, weight, material, design and special features between the backpacks.
Lighter laptop backpacks are best suited for users who care more about the protection factor for their netbooks, whereas heavier and usually more expensive backpacks, which are equipped with more features, are suitable for users who need more storage space in addition to the laptop compartment.

Please find here some of our favorite laptop backpacks of 2019.

Moshi Hexa: Extremely Lightweight & Stylish Backpack


If you are looking for a lightweight, urban backpack with good storage capacity, then the Moshi Hexa should be able to meet your needs. Moshi’s first backpack made of nylon has a barely perceptible weight and is specifically designed for the everyday needs of the modern nomad due to its straight-line yet refined look. This backpack is the lightest product of its kind produced by the manufacturer, but it does not neglect its practical, safety and design aspects. Its generous capacity allows you to store not only a 15″ notebook but also all other essentials you need. For even more security, Hexa has an external RFID shield pocket to protect your personal information such as credit cards and identity papers. Wear Hexa on your way to work, sports or on your next trip to town.


This has become my laptop backpack of choice for everyday life. It’s so lightweight, that even with a laptop inside I often thought I’d forgotten my Macbook Pro, simply because it didn’t feel heavy enough to contain it. Its modern look fits always and everywhere and due to the slim design, it doesn’t look bulky and overloaded. Additionally, I really like the color and design. It has enough space for most of the things you need, is water resistant (great for cycling) and feels it will last a long time.

Booq Daypack: The Compact Backpack that is not Boring

booq daypack backpack review

Elegant and suitable for business, but not old-fashioned and boring, that could be the short description of the Booq Daypack. The most striking feature is certainly the mottled grey, which together with the light brown straps and zippers makes it a very successful and stylish combo.

Due to its curves, the Booq Daypack makes itself slim on the back. Nevertheless, it reaches a height of 42 cm and a width of 31 cm. Combined with a depth of 15 cm this is enough for a 15-inch MacBook Pro with accessories, as well as something to write and 1-2 books.

The Daypack satisfies the basic need for organizing with a sufficient number of compartments. The Notebook compartment is lightly padded and a leather strap protects the valuable Macbook Pro from accidentally falling out. The notebook compartment also has a simple compartment that is large enough for an iPad Pro 10.5. However, it’s not padded and also gladly accommodates an A5 block. Booq has also provided space for pens, up to six pens can be stored in three loops. It has become quite rare to find something like this in a backpack. The main compartment holds either a small folder or two books. In a small compartment with zipper, there is room for a handful of USB sticks with adapter cables. In the lid above is a large mesh pocket, storage space for the power supply unit.

No modern backpack comes without the inevitable bottle holders on the sides. Booq has always attached importance to this feature and so it should not be missing in the Daypack. But the two bags have a conceptual problem, they don’t give way. Therefore you need a little more space inside the backpack. This is only noticeable if you try to put a 0.7-liter bottle in the compartment. Small outdoor bottles with a capacity of 0.3 or 0.5 liters fit in without any problems.


Just as you would expect from Booq, the Daypack convinces with its impeccable workmanship. It may not be a packing miracle, but everything a mobile worker needs finds its place comfortably. Due to the chic rounded bottom, it, unfortunately, does not stand and must be leaned against. If that doesn’t bother you, you get a high-quality backpack in an individual design for a fair price of 95,- Euro.

Moshi Arcus: Modern backpack with many compartments


Moshi calls his Arcus a multifunctional backpack and means a backpack for laptops and optionally for a camera. With its 48 cm height, it is a handsome sight. The angular design and especially in the color titanium grey Arcus is not only an eye-catcher but looks very modern as well. As befits a backpack of this size, it can hold anything. So that your stuff doesn’t get out of order, it shines with many detail solutions and compartments.

The back compartment for Notebooks and Tablets is very well thought out. The large opening provides perfect access and the many compartments offer a very well thought-out storage space.

Macbooks find their place in an extra compartment on the back of the backpack. This is opened with a large zipper on three sides. This gives you great access to the laptop compartment. The compartment for an iPad and three further compartments with flap are also located in this extra compartment. As protection against the Macbook and iPad falling out, a safety strap is attached, which is fixed with a Velcro fastener. This is a simple and effective solution.

I managed to fit into the compartment a Macbook Pro, various adapters, USB sticks and a writing case. Thanks to the neat padding, the Macbook and iPad are also well protected. There are no other compartments in the large main section. The angular storage space is designed for maximum volume and can hold six large 1.5-liter water bottles. A mesh pocket under the lid is a good place for cables and bits and pieces. A cover with Velcro across the entire width provides reliable protection against anything from falling out.

The lid, which accommodates an extra compartment, is interesting. Meant for sunglasses it is also a good place for a power supply with cables. An outer compartment for a drink bottle or a tripod is of course not missing, as well as a few other outer compartments with zippers. The hidden compartments on the back of the backpack are interesting. One is perfect for an iPhone and the other for purses or identity papers. They are in a perfectly protected position against thieves.

A large backpack can get very heavy, so comfort is always a priority. The generous padding on the back with its mesh fabric feels very well, only the carrying straps are a bit thinly padded. This is noticeable with a full load. A chest strap helps with the fixation.


All in all, the Arcus is a robust backpack with a modern look that leaves a very good impression both at work and in leisure time. In general, both the number and the position of the compartments are very convincing. Especially the iPhone compartment on the back is very well protected. The Arcus is a very convincing companion in everyday life and when traveling.

Moshi Helios light: Stylish into the office


On the one hand, there are backpacks that are simply practical and have endless space, or on the other hand, there are backpacks that just look smart.

The Helios light is such a designer piece that it immediately catches your eye. Especially in the color titanium grey, which is also our test sample. The warm grey tone in combination with the light brown leather applications results in a perfect composition. In its main compartment, the Helios light holds a narrow folder or a few folders together with slim headphones, spectacle case and small items. The many inner compartments are very practical. So not only pens, adapter cables and presenters get a home, but also a small mobile hard drive. The Macbook’s power adapter can easily be stored in a large external compartment and a 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina fits perfectly into the padded Notebook compartment.
The Moshi designers have also thought of a small compartment with a zipper in the lid. Keys or USB sticks fit very well into it. The lid can be closed elegantly with a magnetic clasp. Depending on how full you have packed the small Helios light, it is appropriate to make the leather straps to which the magnets are attached longer. Otherwise, there is a great danger that the closures will open with a slight pull. A nice idea is a small compartment on the back. It’s a safe place for a purse or iPhone. In practice, however, a purse will push unpleasantly into your back in the long run, but an iPhone won’t bother you.


If you are looking for a suitable backpack for your business dress, the Helios light is a perfect choice and always looks good. Not only as a woman but also as a man.

Laptop Backpack Buying Guide

Purchase criteria: Use these factors to compare and rate laptop backpacks

We’ve put together a short buying guide to show you how you can compare and rate laptop backpacks so that you can find the one that suits you.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • Size and weight
  • Material
  • Design
  • Special equipment
  • Size and weight

The size and weight of laptop backpacks vary from model to model as the range of laptop backpacks has a comprehensive selection.

The size of laptop backpacks varies. It depends on whether the backpack has only one laptop compartment and therefore only has space for the laptop or whether it has several compartments and can therefore also carry accessories, for example. Nevertheless, the size values are always between 35 and 45 cm in length, 25 to 40 cm in width and 5 to 25 cm in depth.

Laptop backpacks always weigh on average between 0.4 kg and 1 kg. Here, too, it all depends on the equipment and the material. The heaviest of them are those with the largest equipment and those made of a robust material such as polyester or leather.


Laptop backpacks made of a polyester offer you more protection than laptop backpacks made of plastic. You need to decide how much protection you want your laptop to have.

If you take your laptop with you when you travel, and you want to have it with you at the airport or train station, we would recommend a polyester or nylon backpack. They simply offer the highest protection against hard shocks and jolts, thanks to their robust casing.

However, if you only want to take your laptop with you to different places in everyday life, a backpack made of plastic or imitation leather is also sufficient.


Laptop backpacks are available in different designs. It all depends on your subjective preference and which color and design you like best. Backpacks that are designed only for outdoor use and geared towards functionality in general are more likely to be in simpler colors such as black, grey or blue and have few design elements.

Special features

Many laptop backpacks have additional features and functions. For example, a spacious main compartment with padded or lined inner compartments or a padded back section.

Some of them also have additional pockets where you can store your accessories or other belongings. In addition, some backpacks are water-resistant, making them perfect for all weather conditions. Also, almost all have adjustable straps, which are often reinforced and contribute to optimal wearing comfort.