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After raising $30M, Blackmoon signs with Ninth Largest Global Law firm to legalize crypto investment funds


Blackmoon signs with Allen & Overy to create a legal framework for tokenized funds, in order to deliver investment opportunities in both fiat and crypto economies

Blackmoon Crypto, a fintech blockchain based company that raised $30 million during its ICO on September 12th, announces today its agreement with one of the most acclaimed global law firms, Allen & Overy LLP. The agreement will help establish the legal infrastructure that will serve as the backbone for Blackmoon’s crypto and traditional funds. Blackmoon’s platform represents a one-stop solution for asset managers, by allowing them to legally create and manage investment funds. These funds reap the benefits of both crypto and fiat investments: the crypto space provides transparency and enhanced liquidity, while the fiat side offers diversification and access to the multi-trillion traditional assets market. The prestigious Allen & Overy LLP law firm, which is the ninth largest global law firm and has 46 offices in 31 countries around the world, will provide the Blackmoon team with expertise regarding the integration of the cryptosphere and the financial world. The partnership will allow Blackmoon to prepare and thwart any sort of potential scheme that could be caused.

We’re all familiar one way or another with unsuccessful ICO projects. From July 1 through September 25th, 2017, 51 ICOs launched with high hopes and big promises, yet failed to meet their own objectives. These companies represented an astounding 59% failure rate for all ICOs during that time period, where the blame fell mostly on the leadership.

Blackmoon hopes to put an end to these schemes and false promises by establishing trust in the FinTech blockchain industry. It builds this trust by embracing the Ethereum blockchain, which establishes a contractual relationship between different parties, based on democratization, decentralization, and trust. Transparency means that investment funds will no longer be labeled as “black boxes” for investors, with reports of intentional schemes, unknown motives, and other potential problems.

The partnership with Allen&Overy will allow for the time to a tokenized investment fund, to comply with an existing securities’ regulations and will help minimize counterparty risks. The law firm will work on multiple aspects such as fund incorporation and structure, will reduce the settlement times and improve the contractual term performance that the technology offers.

Blackmoon aspires to create a new and obtainable ledger for investors in order to negate the problems associated with traditional funds. In the Blackmoon economy, investment managers would be able to run a crypto fund without having to go through the hassle of creating a legal infrastructure. This effectively eliminates the barriers for a crypto fund creation, an aspect that is an important milestone in bridging the fiat and crypto economies. Crypto funds are more cost-efficient than the traditional way of investment, due to low infrastructure and setup costs.

Blackmoon has already raised $30 million after holding a successful ICO for its issued token, the BMC. BMC holders who enroll as continuous contributors will receive an immediate revenue stream from the first fund created on the Blackmoon Crypto platform. Blackmoon will establish different funds in collaboration with external asset managers and by this, will expose investors to both the broader crypto market and traditional funding. Additionally, Blackmoon has a proven track record of solid, double-digit returns in euros to its investors.

“Setting up the proper investment structure is a difficult and costly endeavor. Not all tokenized funds set up a proper structure, which leads to greater regulatory risk for investors,” Oleg Seydak, CEO of Blackmoon Financial Group explained. “Now is the time to introduce the industry standard for setting up tokenized investment vehicles that can attract investments from private individuals and institutional investors of any kind. That’s what the Blackmoon Crypto platform does; it pays attention to regulatory risk and bridges the gap between the fiat and crypto worlds.”

About Blackmoon

The FinTech company powered by blockchain Blackmoon Financial Group, allow holders of its BMC tokens, to have access to fiat funds, crypto funds, as well as a blend of both based on the multiple fund options they plan to offer. Experienced and approved investment managers will be able to quickly and efficiently create funds as well as have access to the most accurate and up to date legal and technological frameworks. Blackmoon Crypto will accomplish this by developing automated investment interfaces and top quality asset management tools, all the while putting a strong focus on regulatory compliance