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Blockchain ​Industry ​Leaders ​to ​Speak ​at​ ​Miami Bitcoin Conference


After a huge response to the announcement of The 6th North American Bitcoin Conference and the whole world watching as Bitcoin incredibly hit $12k at the beginning of December, Keynote has added extra speakers to the Miami lineup to include even more of the biggest names from the world of blockchain.
The 6th Annual North American Bitcoin Conference, held in sunny Miami Beach January 18th and 19th, will feature blockchain technology veterans and founders who have collectively raised over $3.1 billion in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

The updated North American Bitcoin Conference lineup includes:

Halsey Minor – Founder/Co-founder CNET,, Uphold, Live Planet
William Quigley – Founder, WAX $80+ million raised in ICO
Charlie Shrem – Bitcoin Pioneer
Gabriel Abed – Founder, Bitt $5.5 million in seed
Craig Sellars – Co-founder & Advisor, Tether $767+ million Market Cap
Steve Beauregard – CEO, GoCoin $2+ million in seed
Bruce Fenton – Executive Director, Bitcoin Foundation
Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar – Founder, RSK Labs $4.5 million in seed
Dr. Scott Mcpherson – Co-founder & Board member, ARK $325+ million Market Cap
Jeffrey Tucker – Director of Content, Foundation for Economic Education
Jeremy Gardner – Founder, Augur $300+ million Market Cap
Joey Krug – Co-Chief Investment Officer, Pantera Capital
Jason King – Co-founder, Academy
Justin Newton – Co-founder & CEO, Netki $3.5 million in seed
Moe Levin – Founder, Keynote
Marshall Long – Founder, eBoost $1.3+ million Market Cap
Matt Spoke – CEO & Co-founder of Nuco & Founder, AION $49 million in seed
Oleg Seydak – Founder & CEO, Blackmoon $30+ million in seed
Riccardo Spagni – Core Developer, Monero $2.9+ billion Market Cap
Sasha Ivanov – Founder & CEO, Waves Platform $576+ million Market Cap

With more than 1,000 Bitcoin and blockchain community members expected to attend, the conference will build on the success of similar events in London, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dubai as part of the World Blockchain Forum. As the longest running and most attended conference in the cryptocurrency industry, The 6th Annual North American Bitcoin Conference has generated substantial media buzz and has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes,, and Bloomberg.

The two-day conference will focus on themes around the future of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, with a special focus on investments, successful past and future ICOs, legal implications and regulations, and how decentralization is disrupting the banking industry.

Keynote’s founder Moe Levin says, “We are thrilled to announce the addition of such prominent speakers to this lineup. The diversity of speakers will create a truly impactful dialogue about the future of the industry. And with plenty of networking opportunities, there’s no better place in the world to rub shoulders with the major players in blockchain.”

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