Blockchain Loyalty Platform BitRewards for Online Stores Began to Connect the First Customers

bitrewards partners

BitRewards has developed a loyalty and rewards program on blockchain. With us, online stores receive a premium loyalty platform, and their customers – cryptocurrency for purchases.

After the completion of the token sale in June 2018, our team began to work hard on the product, and already presented a readymade MVP version – the blockchain Ethereum was successfully integrated into the existing loyalty program and tested in the Ropsten Network and in the main network Ethereum. The MVP is already running in the Demo store, and at the moment we are working on connecting functional e-commerce projects to the platform.

Thanks to the tremendous popularity of the BitRewards project, the business development team has already attracted more than 230 stores, which will be our first integration customers.

The first integrations of BitRewards


trendbrew-logoTrendBrew is an American company from Atlanta. It’s a social commerce platform connecting shoppers and influencers in the context of trending products best offers and drive revenue for Sellers (Retailers, Brands, Boutiques and Card Networks). 7074 retailers and 8184 brands are connected to the platform.

Bitrewards will give both shoppers and influencers who, by using the awesome Trendbrew platform, will be able to make purchases in a completely novel way and monetize their influence, the ability to receive cryptocurrency, manage the rewards and data of users and influencers.


anypay-logoAnySign is a Korean technology company that has developed a payment platform, “AnyPay” for any kind of payment method to be accepted and processed (Cash, Credit card, Debit card, Prepaid card and Crypto). “AnyPay” makes customers use any payment method not only in online/mobile but also in offline places in the world.

Bitrewards will be an inseparable component of AnyPay, a new generation payment system. Synergy of BitRewards and AnySign will allow for expanding the activity of loyalty programs to the market of offline retailers. AnyPay users automatically become participants of BitRewards loyalty programs and will receive BIT tokens for their purchases.

Promosound Group

promosound-logoThe international company Promosound Group is one of the first adaptations of BitRewards. This is an international advertising agency and promo boutique that offers the best music promo service for clients across the globe boosts beatport sales with our vast knowledge of social networking, market sales, and extensive experience.

Thanks to BitRewards, smart motivational marketing tools that will increase the loyalty and retention of listeners will be at the disposal of independent musicians using the Promosound Group services. In addition, with the help of BitRewards, musicians get access to a growing and promising crypto audience.

BitRewards for everyone

Among the first potential customers who will improve the loyalty of their customers with BitRewards are Tokopedia, Lazada Vietnam, Kimia, Flipkart and others. It’s hard to believe, but the total traffic of online stores who have sent in applications exceeds 300M users. The BitRewards team has started working with these companies to develop mutually beneficial conditions for the integration of loyalty programs based on the BIT cryptocurrency.

The BitRewards team also works actively with other promising crypto-projects, such as: Birdchain, AdHive, Mark.Space and OSA Decentralized. One of the strategic tasks we also see partnerships with platforms for online stores, such as Ecwid, Insales, etc. Cooperation with them gives BitRewards access to tens of thousands of new potential customers and partners.

And that’s not all! The most interesting projects, famous companies and stunning business cases are in the works, so stay with us and wait for the announcements.

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