Change Bank: The First Decentralized Crypto Bank Poised to Disrupt the Banking Industry

change bank ico decentralized global crypto bank

Ever heard of a true cryptocurrency bank? Change Bank does just that.

The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies has it being adopted by not only large firms but also small businesses worldwide.

A global, single currency that works even better than traditional currency is starting to disrupt traditional banking. From international payments to paying goods and services, it’d be incredibly naive to deem cryptocurrencies as a bubble.
One of the best projects to come up as a way to connect all the dots is Change Bank.

Change Bank aims to be a complete, user-friendly platform by building a decentralized cryptocurrency-based bank and marketplace. These two platforms allow users to access financial services from a growing list of partners.
Instead of depending on traditional banking and merchanting, Change Bank focuses on peer-to-peer networks which are not only cheaper due to the absence of intermediaries (middlemen, PayPal, regulations, etc.), it is also faster as transactions are processed instantly on the blockchain.

What is Change Bank?

Change Bank’s main goal is to provide a global, borderless financial service for everyone.
The first step is to remove borders in the financial sector and ensure that every single person in this world can access alternative financial services which bypass the traditional monopoly of banks.

Powered by the blockchain as well as cryptocurrencies, one of the biggest features of Change’s platform is the marketplace.

The marketplace allows users to use financial services from many fintech firms all in one application. Every service is connected via an open APIs which makes the experience even more seamless and efficient.
For example, in the same app, users can choose to invest in portfolios, manage their real estate investments, handle their financial loans, and manage their insurance – all from one app that works flawlessly.

To use the app, first-time users will have to go through short Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding sequence. With the exception of a few countries, anyone from any parts of the world can sign up and enjoy Change’s features.
The application automatically validates transactions with third-party services with the help of partnerships. One such partnership is the integration of Estonia’s e-residency program with Change Bank.

Secure Crypto Wallet from Change Bank

Another major feature of the app is a fully-fledged and secure cryptocurrency wallet.

change bank app secure wallet

The wallet allows for the storage of all major cryptocurrencies which makes it even easier to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. At the same time, the wallet also increases the efficiency of making cryptocurrency transactions without the need of an external app.

One major problem with cryptocurrencies today is that it’s hard for users to exchange them for goods and services.
Change Bank has come up with an innovative solution to handle this.

With the introduction of the Change Card, it allows users to spend cryptocurrencies online and offline anywhere credit cards or debit cards are accepted.
That’s right, you can potentially pay your bills and buy goods with Bitcoin or Ethereum by using the Change Card!

What are the benefits of Change Bank?

1. A significantly lower fee structure

Change Bank is a 100% digital bank, which means there are fewer costs associated with it compared to a traditional bank. Not only is it cheaper, Change also promises to keep its operations 100% transparent.
Users do not have to pay a fee for opening or owning an account, transferring funds, or making local or international payments.

2. Extremely strict security

Everything on the platform is secured by blockchain technology that is constantly audited and maintained by the team to ensure that transactions are always safe.
There are also other security features such as being able to lock your Change Card instantly from the app.

You can spend cryptocurrencies anywhere a debit or credit card is accepted
Like a prepaid card, you can reload the balance of your Change Card with the cryptocurrency of your choice. Once you have funds in your card, you can use it anywhere in the world where credit or debit cards are accepted.

3. You get rewarded for using the Change Card

For transactions made with the Change Card, users get rewarded regardless of whether the transaction is done online or offline.
The rewards are distributed in the form of Change tokens which is just as valuable as cash.

4. Change token owners receive profits

Change token holders receive profits from the Change marketplace depending on how many tokens they hold.
This happens because third party service providers selling goods and services on the marketplace share 20% of their revenues with every Change user. This builds a healthy ecosystem where both users and merchants are rewarded fairly.

Change tokens are a utility token and are the token of choice for powering transactions on the Change app.

Participating in the Change Bank ICO
change bank team successful

The Change Bank Team

The Change Bank ICO is already live at the time of writing and is going to end in 4 days from today.
The Change Bank ICO token sale is capped at 60,000 ETH with nearly 50,000 ETH raised so far.
1 ETH = 500 Change tokens (also known as CAG) is the current rate of exchange.
To participate in the ICO or learn more about Change Bank, head over to their homepage by clicking on this link.