Coboc E-Bikes: Riding Smart with Full Connectivity

Coboc E-bikes

Coboc launches the 2017 season with four new pedal-assist e-bikes and storms the women’s bike market with SEVEN Villette. The German e-mobility expert, based in Heidelberg, is all about connectivity: Every model in the Coboc fleet transforms into a full- fledged smartbike thanks to the company’s specially developed app.

Coboc has already redefined the electric bicycle, proving that an e-bike’s hidden power need not reveal itself on the outside. The Heidelberg-based company’s fleet, which now encompasses five models, has set new trends with its invisible drive system – speaking to a lifestyle-oriented clientele that prizes riding pleasure, agility, and clean optics.

Now the e-mobility expert is putting the icing on the cake with full connectivity: The Coboc app for iOS and Android, developed in partnership with software developer COMODULE, transforms all Coboc models into fully integrated smartbikes. Riders use the app to create their own personalized user profile, then pair their phone to the bike via Bluetooth.

Coboc Bike App

This makes it possible to customize the bike computer display with such key data as speed, distance, battery level, motor output, and much more. The pp not only shows the battery level, it even visualizes the current range using local topography from the map. The activities menu lets riders save their entire ride history, including elevation profiles and riding stats, and share them with their community. The app also comes with a complete navigational assistant, of course. And when night falls, it even enables control of the tail light elegantly integrated into the seat post of the SEVEN models.

So if you’re looking for a clean design combined with premium e-bike technology made in Germany, Coboc is your new ride – the ultimate in urban cycling comfort and exhilaration.

Commuting is not just for men – Introducing Coboc Seven Villette

Coboc SEVEN Villette

Following in the slipstream of its ground-breaking first model, the ONE eCycle, Coboc powers into the new season with a pair of commuter bikes: Joining the SEVEN Vesterbro smart bike is the elegant SEVEN Villette, Coboc’s overture to the women’s market. Villette was originally conceived as a limited edition, but in response to surging demand, large-scale production will begin in 2017. Like its men’s counterpart Vesterbro, Villette is a versatile all- rounder e-bike that serves everyday needs while also lending a tailwind on longer rides.

Fully equipped with disc brakes, kickstand, fenders, and a luggage rack that blends unobtrusively into the rear wheel design, Villette and Vesterbro are stylish e-bikes for anyone looking beyond sheer pedaling pleasure for a certain level of comfort. Coboc’s proprietary motor control produces such a perfect fusion of human and electric power that gears simply become unnecessary. That saves weight, which saves energy. Disc brakes, a code- compliant Supernova headlight, Kojak tires, and pin-free platform pedals complete the package in these new commuter e-bikes, which weigh in at just 15.4 kilos. Their stylish design turns heads while offering exquisite riding comfort.

Coboc’s custom-designed tail light is a bright spot in the truest sense of the word. Fed by energy from the on-board battery, the tail light is integrated directly into the frame to make Villette and Vesterbro a bright presence on the road. As with all Coboc bikes, the virtually unnoticeable 350-watt-hour lightweight rechargeable battery is concealed in the down tube, with five discreet LEDs on the top tube hinting at the power within.

Uncompromising urban sprinters –
Coboc ONE Rome & ONE Soho

Coboc ONE Soho

The other two members of the Coboc family are the ONE Rome and ONE Soho. Soho features a silver-toned finish with bullhorn handlebars wrapped in BROOKS Cambium tape and an eye-catching BROOKS saddle for a sleek ride.

The Rome, on the other hand, features an alluring black matte finish with disc brakes, an upright riding position, and wider tires for a more solid presence on the road. The basic frame design of ONE Soho comes from track cycling, with a focus on stability, stiffness, and agility.

ONE Rome offers a bit more comfort to round off its impressive package of dynamic attributes. Both models have been meticulously streamlined to the essentials for a truly comfortable ride through the urban jungle. With a peak power output of 500 watts, these two speedsters leave everything else behind, accelerating quickly to a brisk racing bike speed. The nearly invisible 350-watt-hour battery, concealed in the down tube, can be recharged in just two hours.

Coboc ONE Rome

Five discreet blue LEDs on the top tube hint at the power within. The powerful hub motor looks just like a conventional hub gear system at first glance. With a total weight of just 13.7 kilos for the Soho and 14.4 kilos for the Rome, the pair of single-speed models represent a genuine breakaway on the e-bike market and are a pleasure to ride even without the electric boost.