COLEEN E-Bike, the new French signature for connected electric mobility

coleen ebike review

A timeless iconic bike that appeals equally to men and women. With best-in-class weight/power ratio, Coleen revisits accepted wisdom to create an exceptional e-bike designed to reinvent the pleasure of urban travel.

With its bikes designed and manufactured in France, Coleen has taken up the challenge of bringing lightweight together with premium quality to create a product whose technical performance is matched by its distinctive design. Coleen has developed and perfected its own technical components to deliver on its promise of sustainable, safe urban mobility.

Bold and assertive, elegant and self-confident, Coleen is designed for those who love vintage style, design purists and everyone who appreciates beautiful machinery and groundbreaking technology. This iconic French bike will be available to buy from summer 2019 onwards.

coleen ebike

Disruptive design

This consciously designer e-bike has been conceived and developed specifically for urban life. “The frame geometry takes its inspiration from that of the first ‘dandy-horses’ invented near the Avenue de Montaigne in Paris in 1861. It was the same geometry that in 1941 would inspire Jean Prouvé to create a bike designed for the workers of France,” explain designers Audrey Lefort and Thibault Halm.

A French motor that delivers a unique level of performance

With claimed efficiency of 94%, Coleen offers an operating range per charge that is around 25% more than traditional motors. This technical feat has been achieved through the use of groundbreaking electronics that control the motor in real time (1,000 times more signals per second).

A new generation of silent motor weighing less than 2.5kg delivering 50Nm of torque with fully integrated sensors. This French motor is unique in today’s market and is designed to meet the demands imposed by automotive industry standards.

Audrey Lefort, Co-founder of Coleen: “Our commitment from the start was to leverage technology in ways that allowed us to integrate and embed future developments in the technology platform devoted to the pleasures of mobility, which we call Coleen.”


Reinventing the bike riding experience with simplicity and technology

Every bike is fitted with a keyless ignition system. Users unlock and start their Coleen remotely with their smartphone as they approach the bike.

The transflective* color screen seamlessly integrated into the frame provides the user with essential information (mileage covered, battery level indicator, speed of travel, etc.). The app transmits all this data and more to users’ smartphones, so that only essential information remains within their field of vision.

*This type of screen both reflects and transmits light to provide optimum visual convenience. It uses mirrors and ambient light to display its information more effectively, and therefore works equally well in full sunlight and at night.

A knurled aluminum alloy adjuster mounted on the handlebar makes motor assistance adjustment both natural and flexible.


High-capacity battery

The Coleen battery incorporates 42 cells, giving it the highest capacity in the market (3.6 Ah per cell). There are no wired connections between cells to ensure exceptional durability.

The fully-integrated removable Coleen battery locks automatically into the frame. Its rapid charge system takes only 2½ hours (with 80% charge achieved in 1½ hours) to offer an average range under real-life conditions of 100 km (approx. 62 miles).

Designed, tested and made in France

All the electronics are 48V, which improves system efficiency and provides more torque over longer distances. As a result, the Coleen can cope with more sustained acceleration and braking cycles without overheating, and the same is true of extended climbs.

This bike is 100% French down to the smallest detail. So the leather saddle is made by Voltaire, the French luxury accessories brand. The carbon fiber frame differs from today’s triangular structures in having no visible reinforcement; a technical feat in itself. Coleen has originated and designed 75 special components to create this ultra-technical, high- quality and extremely reliable bike.


Coleen will be available from summer 2019 onwards


  • 94% efficient
  • 18 Kg
  • 100 km real-world range
  • Connected, embedded and fully controlled technology
  • A new generation of motors delivering unrivaled performance
  • A new generation of e-bike entirely designed and manufactured in France
  • A disruptive design
  • Ergonomic upholstery
  • Belt transmission
  • Carbon fiber frame
  • iOS and Android Coleen app
  • Integrated transreflective screen
  • New-generation motor
  • Prices from €4,700

About Coleen

Founded in March 2014 by CEO Audrey Lefort and Managing Director Thibault Halm, Coleen, the premium electric bike manufacturer, is based in Bayonne. Coleen has been developed out of the meeting between Thibault and Audrey, both of whom are keen cyclists, and neither of whom could find precisely the right solution to their two-wheeled needs. Towards the end of 2018, they were joined by Pierre Bigard, formerly a composite materials R&D engineer at LOOK Cycle, the road and track racing bike specialist. They started reinventing the electric bike from a blank sheet of paper with the ultimate aim of creating a machine of unrivaled performance pleasure. Coleen is a Eurobike 2018 and Huawei Digital Impulse 2018 award winner.