Contentos Announces Launch of Mainnet Blockchain and Content Mining Updates


Bep2 holders can convert their tokens into mainnet COS tokens to receive larger voting powers, and earn a higher stake of daily COS rewards

Today, Contentos, a global decentralized, digital content community, has announced the launch of its mainnet blockchain which will allow users to officially start content mining on COS.TV, Contentos’ video platform.

During Contentos’ testnet phase, more than 32,400 accounts were registered and more than 865,000 total transactions were recorded on the Contentos blockchain. One milestone reached during the testing phase was an increase in traffic across all of Contentos’ dApps including PhotoGrid, COS.TV, Cheez, and LiveMe. There have been more than 60,000 transactions, or testnet user activities such as uploading social media posts, liking or commenting on other users’ uploads.

Mick Tsai, CEO of Contentos said: “Launching the Contentos mainnet is a major accomplishment for our team. Our results from the testnet are already showing an increased demand for decentralized and monetized social media. Many of the dApps in our ecosystem reward users for the time they spend using our apps, whether it be watching a video, streaming, playing a game or even walking.”

With the mainnet being launched, developers will be able to build their own dApps on top of Contentos’ network to further help social media users earn money from their social media activity. Developers can also develop tool kits, create software development kits, or build wallets. They will be able to utilize open source to test the mainnet and identify any issues for a potential reward at Users and developers will be able to test the mainnet product on Contentos’ blockchain at

Contentos is seeking a total of 21 block producers to run the Contentos infrastructure and ensure smooth operations of the ecosystem. Block producers would also become Contentos Council members, responsible for making important and strategic governance decisions. Block producers can earn content ecosystem rewards and revenue from selling shares in their gifting vote.

Contentos’ integration of the mainnet into their dApps will roll out over the coming weeks, with the integration of PhotoGrid capping off the rollout on October 9.

For more information on Contentos, please visit their website. Those interested in becoming a block producer can learn more here.

About Contentos

Contentos is a public-chain project for the global digital content industry. With blockchain technology, Contentos focuses on solving the challenges of today’s centralized content platform, including content distribution, content monetization, property rights confirmation and property management, etc. Contentos is committed to empowering creators so that they can generate reasonable revenue through creation and promote effective collaboration with advertisers, fans and other creators, so that the overall ecology is enhanced by the positive contributions of users.